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wsd scan on task alfa

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Post time: 2010-11-7 05:03:14 |Show all posts
does anyone know how to setup wsd scanning
from the console or from the pc?

Post time: 2010-12-5 18:55:28 |Show all posts
Now here is the question... is there any way to get wsd scanning to automatically select a program on the pc and scan straight to that program under vista... without any user interventention... just select wsd scan.... select from console... select scan option and hit start and it goes to pc... if this works then it would eliminate the need for other scanner setups... on vista atleast...
Can someone test it out and see...
I am getting mixed results but nothing even close to this...
on some pcs the program opens on others I have to select it... but never the full enchelada...

Post time: 2010-11-21 11:59:21 |Show all posts
ok here is the deal...
(this is a vista thing so your mileage in xp will vary)
first goto cameras and scanners in your control panel and delete any profiles for the copier if you have been unsuccessful doing this...
then goto device manager and delete any entries for your copier... it will either be under wia and/or wsd scan...
then goto network neighborhood... (you should see all the pcs on the network and you should see the copier)
Now right click on the copier and install...
it takes a minute but it will be installed...
then goto scanners and cameras and verify all is well...
now goto your task alfa press scan... press wsd scan.... don't press from pc but the option to the left from console I think it says... it should be populated with all manner of wsd scan options...
select the very first entry and click scan
go back to your pc and accept ( or select the program to accept... and accept some more and then it should go through)
if this does not work or you get error... ( you will either one have to go to scanners and cameras and select the copier select its properties and find the option to prompt for selection... )
if none of this works... on vista... then you have to check to see if you have multiple profiles listed for the task alfa on scanners and cameras... and delete them all... delete copier from device manager... wsd and wia... entries and reinstall
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