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when printing just black on a cp3525,the left side of page fades all t

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when printing just black on a cp3525, the left side of page fades all the way down. When using color the black does not fade.
--HP CP3525N Color LaserJet Printer

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I was able to fix it by taking off the top of the printer.  This involved taking off 4 screws on the top of the printer.  I then had to disconnect the wires going to the control panel by unhooking them from the right side.  I then located a thin rectangular box which I'm assuming houses the laser.  I removed this with 4 more screws and turned it over. There was a little metal flap that I moved back and below was the mirror the lasers shoot on before going onto the toner.
In the same spot where I was having fading, I noticed a lot of toner on the mirror, so I cleaned it of, put it back together, and the fading was gone.
This was after I tried a new toner and maintenance kit.
Hope this helps

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Well lets start with DISREGARD ALL THE ABOVE BULL in the above brainless clarification request first noted.  Here's a little good advice for you from a 14 year veteran printer tech.
Lets start with the cheapest and easiest moving to the more difficult or more expensive.  Your problem can be caused by a few differnt things.
Print a configuration page (on the printer menu press check button, scroll to info menu, press check, scroll to print configuration, press check.  Once you have the look for the page count on the page.
Try fresh good paper from a sealed ****.  If your paper has picked up moisture this will show up as light or uneven print.
Next if the printer is over 100K page count, replace the transfer roller (foam roller inside printer under the toner cartridge).  Lets try cleaning it first if your under 100K or to see if it improves at all.  Any improvement will verify the transfer roller as bad.  Review the photo below as it shows the transfer roller end inside the printer.  The screwdriver is showing where the release white clips are (two). Press the tabs and lift the left side.  The right will come out of the hole socket on its own but note where the hole on the right is for replacement.  Try not handling the roller with your bare hands any more than you must as oil from your hands can cause slight imaging defects if your hands are sweaty or damp.

Using a clean rag (like t-shirt material) dampened (not soaking) with 99% alcohol (not 70%) lets clean the roller.  Gently but firmly scrub the talc and paper dust buil-up from the roller.  Once you've removed the build up it should return to a dark grey color.  Let the 99% alcohol dry (5 minutes or so)and reinstall.
Try printing again.  If the problem is solved your done.  If not and it has improved, you will need a new transfer roller.  They are available on Ebay much cheaper than from a dealer.  The part number to search for is RM1-0343.  Here's a link to ebay for one at around $20.00 landed.
If the problem is the same, your problem is more than likely a dirty laser scanner lense.  You'll need to remove the covers from the printer to accomplish this.  The laser scanner can be located under the top cover.  It's the larger black box on the top side of the printer.  Once the scanner has been located, remove the top cover.  DO NOT TOUCH THE MULTI SIDED SPINNING MIRROR TO THE REAR OF THE SCANNER.  You will be cleaning the clear lenses and mirror towards the front.  You clean this gently with a CLEAN and DRY Q-tip.  Use a few Q-tips rather than re-applying a dirty one.  Heck they are cheap!
Re-assemble the printer and try printing again.  One of the steps above should resolve your issue.  I am enclosing a link to a free service manual for your printer to help you through the disassembly and in the rare case that your issue remains.
Hope this helps you a lot more than the first response you receved.  If so rate me with a oasq!
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