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printhead alignment failed multiple times with officejet 6500a plus

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Post time: 2012-12-11 02:28:45 |Show all posts
printhead alignment failed multiple times with officejet 6500a plus
--HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One InkJet Printer

Post time: 2012-12-18 14:42:20 |Show all posts
Try using the HP Print Diagnostic Utility in Windows - HP Customer Care (United States - English).
Ifyou need more help come back.
Post/ thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

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i order the 8 jan 2010 2 print heads No : 88 (ref hp c9381a for black/yellow and ref hp c9382a for magenta/cyan) and i receive it after 4 days.

Post time: 2012-12-14 05:48:57 |Show all posts
Hello there,
Try cleaning print cartridges from HP toolbox
or reset process
Please see note at bottom re:  powering on and off
1)  If you know you are going through the re-set process.  Ensure there is nothing in your printer que already when you want to power on again.
2)  Plug printer/scanner directly into the wall, not a power bar or UPS...  Read at one point, it has something to do with the electricity (KW or Voltage or Amps) factor and power requirements to the printer/scanner. However was very technical and don't remember enough details to explain properly, sorry...  Anyhow, directly into the wall.
This is what has worked for me. Got original re-set process of solution from sillygirl.
3)  Disconnect all cables from printer.
4) Clean the glass on top with alcohol and cotton swabs.
5) Then go through the reset process (press #  6 while plugging the power back into the printer).
6) If you have the CD for your printer it doesn't hurt to put it in your CD carriage in case your printer is looking for files or drivers.  If CD starts to go to a un-install or full re-install just cancel and leave in carriage.
7)  Sometimes helps if you first plug printer in.
8) Re-boot pc before powering on printer.  Once re-boot has started and PC will start to look for printer.
9)  Power on printer  (press #  6 while plugging the power back into the printer to re-set).
10)  Watch for point where your printer icon usually appears and plug the USB into the PC.
11)  If this does not work then take the printer apart and clean the underside of the glass as well. Unfortunately need to go through re-set process again.  May need to buy a set of screw drivers for removing the glass. They are different. (Torx)
12) In another solution it states - you must clean all the mirrors inside the scanner assembly q-tips work well (black box closed with two locks) also the lens and the delicate spaghetti-like lamp. Generally this works... Not everyone has done this part but worth a try when the printer is already open.
13)  There is a black and white strip at that end of the scanner.  Check to ensure the strip is there, in tact and placed correctly.  This is what the scanner carriage aligns itself with.
Just so people know.  I have posted solutions to this before that have worked for me.  However, I really do think this comes down to a driver issue (do we all have XP, mine is actually XP Home Edition).  Since HP no longer updates these printers not sure if we will ever see a driver that works perfectly.  Once you get it going again it will all work great.  The problem lies in powering on and off.  Once you get it going without the scanner carriage jamming, leave it on!  Even in the case of a power out I usually have to re-set again but can get it going, eventually (it can be very frustrating).  Sometimes need to re-boot PC and plug USB into the PC while booting up and just about to look for your printer. This is to ensure it finds the printer/scanner. Also, when really desperate uninstall and re-install the hardware.  Sometimes can try for quite some time to get it working again and eventually have to just leave it off for a few days then can get going again afterwards.  Not sure if this has something to do with memory.
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