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printer won't print bought a new ink cartridge.Sends out blank paper

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Post time: 2012-10-13 14:06:33 |Show all posts
printer won't print bought a new ink cartridge. Sends out blank paper
--Brother Multi-Function Center MFC-3360c All-In-One InkJet Printer

Post time: 2012-10-23 03:08:31 |Show all posts
This issues looking printer head problem. check the following Steps for cleaning printer head :
Click on the Start button if you have Windows XP. If you have Windows Vista, click the Windows icon that resides in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
Click on "Control Panel," then "Printers and Other Hardware." Finally click on "View Installed Printers or Fax Printers."
Right-click on the name of your printer and choose "Printing Preferences." This should open a new window; next look for a tab or button marked Maintenance, or something similar.
Find the button that says "Print heads" or "Clean the Print heads" and click on it. You may be asked to choose which print heads; choose them all if you are. Make sure there is paper and ink in your printer, and that it is turned on ahead of time.
Take out the page your printer has printed and see if there are any grids or boxes missing. If there aren't, then you can just exit the program--your print heads are not clogged. If there are grids missing, then click on the "Cleaning" or similarly worded button.
Once the cleaning process has completed, print another page to be sure that your print heads are no longer clogged. If they are still clogged, repeat Steps 1-5 until your printer is printing clearly.

Post time: 2012-10-19 21:19:03 |Show all posts
Hi Allan
If yourprinter is under warranty then take it to a Brother Service Center for Print HeadMaintenance.
If not and you are technically minded and/or adventurous, then youcould try to clear the likely cause of this fault (potential blocked micro-nozzles on the print head) yourself.
Remove all the cartridges, wrap them in clingwrap/clingfilm and then place them(upside down) on an old newspaper to minimize accidental leakage > removethe print head (a small square, gold, patterned contact plate sitting at theback of the cartridge compartment) > immerse the print head in a solvent for 24 hours (sometimes longer). Below is a webpage showing you how to create, handle, store, use yourown solvent recipe to and safely and responsibly dispose of used solvent:
Removeand blow dry the print head until completely dry > reinstall print head >reinstall cartridges > repeat head cleaning and test print procedures again.
For the future, either with this or any other printer, please remember thesetiny micro-nozzles can very easily become blocked with dried ink. You canprotect against this by always using good quality ink, printing regularly tokeep ink flowing through the system (including the odd unnecessary test print,if necessary), replacing empty cartridges without delay, not allowing dryingair to dry ink residue in the micro-nozzles by never leaving a cartridge spaceempty for more than the few seconds it takes to change a cartridge, alwaysfully prepare, unpack, unclip and unpeel the new cartridge before removing theempty one, try to avoid being distracted while changing cartridges (so easy toforget and leave a cartridge space empty and the cartridge bay open).
Please don't hesitate to ask for more help if you need it.
I hope this helps.
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Post time: 2012-10-16 14:08:14 |Show all posts
make sure that the carts are well placed and secured.
press menue then start mono (blue copy button) then fourtimes arrow-up (tel index). machine will be in maintenance mode and all lamps will flash. press 7 then 6 then 4 then start mono (blue). machine will initialize the carts: refill tubes and printhead with fresh ink and do some cleaning cycles. after showing maintenance in the the display leave it by pressing 9 then 9. do run a quality test print by pressing ink etc.
If you cant see anything the printhead has crashed and cant be fixed anymore.
BTW: Check the usb cable connection and restart the pc.
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