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ir6570 e0004-00103

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Post time: 2013-1-21 10:17:17 |Show all posts
my cousin have an IR6570. he is facing a problem
the device shows e00004-00103
he has checked LH, POwer, HT PCB board etc and all seems normal
Please help

Post time: 2013-1-22 16:56:04 |Show all posts
how old is the unit ??
i assume u checked the connectors for any small paper bits wedged inside

did u check and or monitor the voltage supply from wall outlet to printer supply

what is your location ?  
what are the outlet readings--
GROUND > NEUTRAL = this should be 0v/0.5v

there have been issues when the  AC Noise Filter PCB in the Power Cord Terminal Assembly(FK2-0815-000) is bad.
check voltage -AC voltage at J2601 = (input AC Voltage to the Capacitor PCB of the AC Driver PCB Assembly)

Post time: 2013-1-22 15:02:03 |Show all posts
Dear brother,in my case the problem is e004-103,i already change the dc control.main control.ac driver.IH.the connector IH.power supply.but still no result.. Any idea? Thx

Post time: 2013-1-22 13:29:02 |Show all posts
what is the sub-code E004-XXXX

E004 The IH power supply is faulty/the IH control mechanism is faulty.
        After correcting the fault, be sure to reset the error.  

sub codes:

0101 There is a mismatch between the input voltage
        and the IH power supply ID.  Replace the fixing heater power  
        supply with one designed for the country of installation (voltage).

0102 The IH current is faulty. (current leakage) - Check the connector
        for any fault in connection.
        - Replace the fixing heater power supply.
        - Replace the DC controller PCB.
0103 The IH current is faulty. (no current)
0104 There is an IH over-current.
0105 The IH input voltage is too high.
0106 The IH input voltage is too low.
0201 At power-on (or, when IH is at reset), the IH
        control mechanism is not in an initial state.
0202 At IH start-up, the IH control enable flag is not set
        within 1 sec after the start flag is set.
0203 With IH at rest, the IH control flag is not released.
0204 The 12-V power supply (IH relay) is identified as
        being off.
0205 At IH start-up, the PWM_ON data is faulty ('0' or
        - Replace the DC controller PCB.

E004 is caused either by a fault  in the power supplied to the fuser assembly or a breakdown of a  component inside the fuser assembly.

Technician's that are  troubleshooting this error should first check and monitor the voltage at  the wall outlet.
If the voltage coming from the outlet drops below 105V  AC at any time the imageRUNNER 6570 will display an E004.  

A test of the neutral to ground voltage should also be performed. This will confirm there are no abnormal voltage ratings.

The Voltage check should be made during an extended copy run where a minimum of 100 copies are made.

Post time: 2013-1-22 12:25:57 |Show all posts
Dear brother,please help me with another solution in this error case.. I already do everything in this forum.. Thx

Post time: 2013-1-22 11:08:47 |Show all posts

thanks & good luck The Dude.jpg

Post time: 2013-1-22 10:02:19 |Show all posts
sorry took so much time.. but the other PCB was a friend's and it took some time to get it. finally did it in last week and wonder of wonders everything is fine..

we did just as instructed by you. thank you very much
mods please close this thread as the problem is solved

Post time: 2013-1-22 08:43:20 |Show all posts
u first print out the P PRINT Settings with the Functioning DC PCB/ in the Printer

power off/ remove DC PCB./
put in the DC pcb with the error message
power up-get in service mode/
and do a DCON clear on Pcb this pcb/
power off printer/then power up/ if u now receive no error message/ u have a working DC PCB.
U can now put in the P PRINT settings , u printed out before-

if all goes well/ you will have Two DC Pcb's that function - and both will have same DCCON settings of that machine

if all does not go well with that error message DCpcb/ remove it/
and put back your functioning DCPcb u removed earlier/ since u did not do a DCON clear on it, u do not have to put back the settings from P PRINT-

Take that P PRINT and store with machine

Post time: 2013-1-22 06:58:35 |Show all posts
Thank you very much. but we are little bit afraid. so can you please tell us step by step what to do?
or just goto service mode and clear dcon?
please advice...

Post time: 2013-1-22 05:23:23 |Show all posts
why don't u just do a DCON clear on DC pcb.

think it's a connector issue-

Post time: 2013-1-22 03:40:01 |Show all posts
sorry for the late reply friends...
the machine was given for thorough checking.. at a service center. they examined each and every part in detail. and to their surprise everything works fine when on another body. the DC board was found to be the culprit in last. but that also is working when placed on another body.
so they suggested some memory problems.
well we took the machine back.
now we used another DC board on the machine it is working fine. the damaged (supposed) DC board works on the other machine also.
but whenever we insert the DC board it error code means "IH no Current"
what could be the issue.?
every component works fine when checked on other machines... even the DC board too.

"one more note.. at the first time the machine was damaged when a dad service person disconnected the internal fan its terminals somehow touched the body" this could be the reason - we are not sure..
please suggest something.. could it be a memory problem as the service center suggests?

Post time: 2013-1-22 01:45:46 |Show all posts
Internal Connectors/Wiring need to be check for grounding to frame/short  

Post time: 2013-1-21 23:48:40 |Show all posts
Hello all sorry for a late reply. the problem is not solved

the present situation is

IH board, HT board, PCB  board, AC Driver Board, Main Board, heater  section every thing checked with another machine and seems normal.   

Display comes in normal condition when the heater section is detached.   we can  make reserve copies...etc. in the memory.

  when heater section liver is closed the error e004-0103 comes immediately. what could be that?

(when the liver closed the relay in IH board is triped - is there any sensor damage or wiring damage

kindly help

Post time: 2013-1-21 22:07:09 |Show all posts
thank you all, he has tried the boards except AC driver unit on other machines and they work good. Now the IH Cable guide unit and the AC unit needs to be checked. as soon as he checks them i will post the output.
Thank you

Post time: 2013-1-21 20:09:19 |Show all posts
Figure 106 on parts manual, item 11 IH cable guide unit, hope this helps.       fig106.pdf (253.6 KB, 193 views)  

Post time: 2013-1-21 18:15:29 |Show all posts
IH stands for "induction heating."
11) Release the 3 locks of the harness guide [1], and
free the harness from the harness guide; then,
disconnect the 6 connectors.

Post time: 2013-1-21 16:40:40 |Show all posts
Thank you for all the responses
But he could not find the location of the IH Cable Guide Unit. in the service manuals, only the part is listed in the part list etc. but the physical location is not shown. please help

Post time: 2013-1-21 15:04:36 |Show all posts
Product : imageRUNNER 5070 / 5570 / 6570 Title : E004-0103 Error Code Error :
The fuse in the Fixing Heater Power Supply keeps blowing causing E004-0103 code.

The Fixing Heater Power Supply, the Fuser Heating Element and the DC CON pcb have all been replaced. Wall voltage at the wall outlet is within specification.

Workaround :
In this case, replacing the AC Driver PCB Assembly resolved the service issue. The part number for the AC Driver PCB Assembly is FM2-3043-000.

also you could try...

Problem :
When the machine is powered on it displays an E004-0103 error code.

Solution :
To correct this issue the IH Cable Guide unit was replaced (part number FM2-3063-000). This part can be found on figure 106 item number 11 in the imageRUNNER parts catalog.

Post time: 2013-1-21 13:21:41 |Show all posts
thank you for the reply i have forwarded the message to him.
he says that he checked the IH unit in another machine but the unit is functioning properly

Post time: 2013-1-21 11:45:17 |Show all posts
E004 -The IH power supply is faulty/the IH control mechanism is faulty.
        After correcting the fault, be sure to reset the error.   
0103 The IH current is faulty. (no current)

Check fuse in the Fixing Heater Power Supply
Check the IH Cable Guide unit
1. Re-fit all the connectors of the Fixing Heater Power Supply PCB.
2. Replace the Fixing Heater Supply PCB with a new one.
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