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how can I set a scan folder and enable smb to scan from my

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how can I set a scan folder and enable smb to scan from my konica minolta C203 bizhub to my mac osx 10.7.5 (my mac also was Parallel windows 7) I would be happy to scan to either the mac side or the windows side.   
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Thank you but I won't be needing your services. Please cancel my deposit.

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Optional Information:
Model: C203 bizhub
What have you tried so far?: went into the ip address for the copier, created the scan icon on the copier  icon said "PC (SMB) scan". I cannot get copier to recognize or find the "scan" folder on my computer. when I scan I get an error message on copier "failed to complete job".
                                                                                          Posted by Justin            29 days and 23 hours ago.                                                                    Greetings
I service quite a few of these for multiple companies (actually one is part of the c200 series) and they can be very tricky on the send to as they are picky with the credentials.  A lot of this will be based off memory as I don't have one handy to me right now.
In other words, this will take some back and forth.
First and foremost, the most important part is the destination set on your konica.  What I mean by that is, the quick key that selects which user to send the fax too.  have you configured that yet?
If you have, please fill in the information in order that you h ave set (I do not need the password, just skip that)
It usually goes in this order I believe:
Name (what the name description is)
Path/Destination (how to find the computer on the network and the folder)
username (credentials to make the connection)
Include everything you see in the destination set so I can see how you've tried to configure it and we'll make adjustments there.
I don't care which operating system you want to get it set up for.  I am more familiar with Windows, but can handle Mac side as well.
Let me know, thanks!
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