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canon ip2700 error code b200

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Post time: 2012-12-10 00:04:38 |Show all posts
canon ip2700 error code b200
--Canon Pixma iP2700 USB 20 Color InkJet Photo Printer

Post time: 2012-12-17 02:57:51 |Show all posts
Try keeping the paper only in the bottom tray (there's a tray in the bottom)  Try pulling any paper out of the top and just close that top tray.  Open up the head so that u can see the ink cartridges and turn the printer on and off and maybe it will center itself again.  If it's still not working (even if lights aren't red and print head wont align in the center) try manually moving the head back and forth like 18 times so you can lubricate that rail in the back that's holding it.  After that, re-turn it off and on again.

Post time: 2012-12-14 16:21:49 |Show all posts
1. turn off printer
2. Hold down resume, dont realase and press power button
3. realase resume button, now press twice resume button but dont realase power button
4. realase all.
5.now press twice again resume button and plug off power cable
6. turn on printer with plugin power cable
7. your printer will reset.
iff not working, you must chek pointing contact in head printer, use some claener with cottonbuds to clear the contact.
may you sukses!

Post time: 2012-12-11 17:58:20 |Show all posts
Helo, found on web.  Good Luck :0)
The error code is standard for many of the late model MPxxx printers. The B200 error is "Printhead Temperature exceeded", What this means that while you were printing some document, either one or more of the printhead ink wells ran out of ink and the printing continued. Printhing without ink in the wells will OVERHEAT THE PRINTHEAD NOZZLES and can potentially burn the out. The printer has a built in temperature sensor to detect the ambient temperature and to monitor the temperature of the head. This data is always collected and monitored and saved in the EEprom data and the Service Test print data.
If the error will not go away once you have unplugged the priner for at least 5 minutes, then there is the possibility that you have already burnt out the head. Remove the printhead and use a 5x magnification glass to look VERY CLOSE at all of the nozzles to see if you can detect any possible burnt out nozzle.
It many come down to need a new printhead.
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