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c7280 keeps having ink system failure error 0xc19a0035.. Help!!!!!

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Post time: 2012-12-2 10:08:08 |Show all posts
Hello, I've owned this c7280 printer for three years. Lately, my printer has been getting periodic error messages that prevents any printing until i shut it down and restart. The error message reads:
      Ink system has failed. Unable to copy, recieve faxes , or print. Refer to printer documentation.
      Error: 0xc19a0035
      Turn power off, then on again.
When i reboot, the printers works fine for anywhere from a several minutes to an hour before this same message comes back up. Sometimes, when the printer isn't being used at all, it suddenly shows the error message. The timing i think is at random. Other times, when i try to print from my computer, the error message will pop up on the printer. I am still able to print pages, but i just have to restart the printer if the error comes up.
How do i fix this??? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Post time: 2012-12-4 21:42:43 |Show all posts
Yep, Hannah Elizabeth has the right stuff. This holds true even after a year since her posting of the best possible answer!

Post time: 2012-12-4 20:31:26 |Show all posts

Post time: 2012-12-4 18:48:25 |Show all posts
I think this is planned obsolesence. Use the product for 3 years and then buy a new one or pay HP $20 + to give you the solution. The solution HP suggests in this forum did not work for me, but the one suggested by "Hannnah Elizabeth" did work.

Post time: 2012-12-4 17:38:58 |Show all posts
not helpful!

Post time: 2012-12-4 15:48:02 |Show all posts
this seemed to work, I cannt beleave it!!! I have been trying everything spent much to much time on it, then found this, how did you find this info. what is with HP do they just want us to keep throwing away there products??

Post time: 2012-12-4 13:58:05 |Show all posts
Here is a link that will assist you on "Ink System Failure".

Post time: 2012-12-4 12:27:41 |Show all posts
Heres what I did:
"Press and hold the '*' key on the key pad, then press the '#' key and release them both. Then enter '123' to enter maintenance mode. Press the right arrow (next to the OK button) until 'System Config' menu appeared on panel. Then press OK two times to clear the error condition, then cancel two or three times to return to the top menu. Then power off and back on."

This is not a perminant fix. How do I make it permanent or do I have a real hardware problem?

Richard Sandige

Post time: 2012-12-4 11:18:47 |Show all posts
Heres what I did:
"Press and hold the '*' key on the key pad, then press the '#' key and release them both. Then enter '123' to enter maintenance mode. Press the right arrow (next to the OK button) until 'System Config' menu appeared on panel. Then press OK three times to clear the error condition, then cancel two or three times to return to the top menu. Then power off and back on."

This fixes the problem temporarily and then the error appears on the screen again. Is there a
permanent fix, or is my C7280 manfunctioning hardware wise?

Hope to hear back from someone soon.

Richard Sandige

Post time: 2012-12-4 10:17:12 |Show all posts
Thanks for the help - worked for me after all else failed. Why isn't hp giving this advice when it is such a simple solution?

Post time: 2012-12-4 08:17:14 |Show all posts
I tried the solution twice and so far am still getting the error!

Post time: 2012-12-4 06:58:45 |Show all posts
Thank you so much for your help it WORKED....Its funny that it took 3 years for the printer to do this and not just me seems like a lot of people out there with the same problem and it took someone other than HP to give the information....Again thank you so much....

Post time: 2012-12-4 05:31:43 |Show all posts
Thanks for getting me started!  My printer is working again, hooray!!  But your instructions weren't quite enough... I tried the I wasn't able to get out of my "Ink System Failure" until I tried the System Reset option (which comes up just before the "System Config" option you aimed me at.  The semi-full reset did the job.

My best guess is that HP has raised the stakes, yet again, in its campaign against refilled ink cartridges.  I made the "mistake" of putting a refilled cart in this c7280 and it was very unforgiving of this "mistake"!  Had to do brain-surgery (a semi-hard reset) to make it "forget".  Forgiveness isn't forthcoming.... probably because the printer business, these days, involves giving away the printers and making profit on the ink. ;-)

Post time: 2012-12-4 03:51:38 |Show all posts
Thank you, I have stuggled for more than 6 months. This solution seems to have fixed it but I'll know better by tomorrow.

Post time: 2012-12-4 01:57:09 |Show all posts
You have just described the sequence of events I suffrered.  For a while it worked to restart the printer to be able to print, but eventually it just came up with either ink system failure or pump motor stalled when I restarted.  I have been advised through HP employees on this forum that my computer is dead.  (At least for printing -- as you said, the fax works just fine -- just can't print!)  Try all the solutions suggested in this thread and I think there may be one or two others; some people have gotten help, but not me.  Good luck!

Post time: 2012-12-4 00:07:39 |Show all posts
I have the same "Ink system failure" as listed by many others.  I attempted the fix that was on this site but it had no effect at all.  I still have to turn it off then on again on virtually every print ob I have.  I now occationally receive other errors as well.. Such as photo paper tray open.  print paper jam etc.  Non of these prob;ems exist with these errors, but I get them anyway.  
Everything scan - copy - email works great.  Except the print.  But then as said after off and then on again the print works great too.
I would really like to avoid buying yet another printer, but I am starting to think it is the only other solution for me.  Does anyone else have any ideas?

Post time: 2012-12-3 22:59:32 |Show all posts
The site you mentioned gives an explanation of the error and offers a basic solution. I tried the solution and was not successful. My printer continues not to print. The only thing that makes sense is a new ink problem. There seems to be no ink getting to the print head at all. I have to get a set of full cartridges so that I can initially engage the pump and New ink level settings. I personally think that my problem is caused by a clog in the system. There is no way to verify this so I have continued to work with the solutions offered. HP's solution is to offer me a deal on a new printer. Needless to say I like this unit and want to continue to use it. I also have two other 02 models which are working with no problems. I believe that there is hope for solving this problem and I will keep plugging!

Post time: 2012-12-3 21:40:39 |Show all posts
I have done this several times.  Each time it clears the ink system error but then shows a pump motor failure error.  I found a solution to that at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00489814&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=3204785&tmp.... However, that didn't work for me. Always get one of these two errors.  Can anybody help me?  It seems like there might be hope for a solution since others have had so much success. I really think there might   be a magic combination, but I haven't found it on my own.  HELP!!!

Post time: 2012-12-3 20:10:21 |Show all posts
Not to sound completely stupid, but where is the "cancel" button?  Is it the button with the red "X" on it?  If so, I tried your solution multiple times...all to no avail.  

  But, thanks for taking the time to post - sounds like it helped other people.

Post time: 2012-12-3 18:38:44 |Show all posts
Pretty much same situation with my C7280 except that it had become totally unresponsive. Three color ink levels had depleted. For a while, I was able to print some black & white documents (tax returns) and then error code "Ink System Failure 0xc18a0206" showed up. Replaced the empty inks with HPs but no go. I couldn't even run print diagnostics.
The solution you found is similar to the one in HP Support Forum which wouldn't work for me. The "System Configuration Menu" turned out to be the successful pathway for my printer. I had also downloaded and run an HP Diagnostic Utility released on 01/20/2012 which was able to follow through and print a diagnostic test sheet. I then printed your solution and that came out fine as well. The printer is still throwing up some messages indicating confusion but does seem to be working. I have my fingers crossed and hope it will settle down soon.
Thanks, you've saved me a lot of grief!

      Ten months later and my printer is still working fine, thanks to Hannah Elizabeth!
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