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brother error code 46

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Post time: 2010-1-30 20:24:29 |Show all posts
help please,urgently need a fix for error 46(waste ink reset).machine is 18 months old,and has been brill till this. machine is a dcp110c

Post time: 2011-11-1 05:42:47 |Show all posts
I have a brother DCP110 and i think i need to reset the purge counter (machine error 46). I have dismantled the printer and clean the waste ink pad. Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the error message and get the printer back to work? thanks

Post time: 2011-11-1 05:42:33 |Show all posts
I have a brother DCP110 and i think i need to reset the purge counter (machine error 46). I have dismantled the printer and clean the waste ink pad. Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the error message and get the printer back to work? thanks

Post time: 2010-2-1 03:24:23 |Show all posts
Hi everyone,
help pls...
I have a brother 130c, first it says unable to clean 46, i tried the help posted

Post time: 2010-2-1 02:56:02 |Show all posts
Hi, thank u very much for the tips on how to fix the error. I really appreciate it. Now my printer is back to normal again. Tks once again. . .

Post time: 2010-2-1 02:23:22 |Show all posts
Fortunately my 620CN has extended warranty, so got Brother to swop.
Waste Ink Tank much bigger than I thought and fits along back of machine, taking up getting on for full width; I've posted an image of what it looks like here, as may be of interest.
I see part is under £3 on this spares site;

Post time: 2010-2-1 01:41:15 |Show all posts
trickydicky you are a legend!! Your solution fixed my problem. Once the purge count was reset, it worked. Last time this happened I bought another printer since I had lot of ink cartriges I ended up buying the same printer again. I went shopping last night for another printer fortunately the shops were closed otherwise, I would have bought yet another printer. Why doesn't bother site give this solution... Obviously, another way of making money. Thanks Mate.

Post time: 2010-2-1 00:54:38 |Show all posts
thank you or that detailed fix. If you would be so kind if you know the fix for error 4F on this model too? I tried the one you listed here and it did what you said it would, but still have error 4F.

Post time: 2010-2-1 00:35:25 |Show all posts
I can only agree with Anonymous's sentiments: although I was able to clear the error thanks to this web page, and also subsequently cleaned the overflow tank (don't do this unless you have either a pair of latex gloves or a free social diary for at least a week: printer ink is worse under the fingernails than even engine grease!), I would never touch a Brother product again.
A company who has the audacity and callousness to do something like this to its users deserves to be punished, at least by a boycott of their products. After all, these are consumer market printers, usually bought at a store like Office Depot in the US or PC World over here, and any attempt to have a "professional" at the store look at it would be both expensive and in all probability useless. By the time the counter reaches 64000, the model won't be on sale anymore, and the "engineer" who knew it will be working somewhere else.
How much would it have cost Brother to add the maintenance manual with the needed codes as a PDF to the documentation CD?
Once again, thanks to FizYourOwnPrinter.com for saving our bacon!
(NB, that Apple Laser Writer Pro 600 - vintage 1992 - that I refurbished with your "harmonica fold kit" about 6 years ago is still going strong!)

Post time: 2010-1-31 23:44:20 |Show all posts
Dear Trickydicky,
thanks a mill, your solution worked! and saved me from binning the printer and buying a new one.
BTW even though my machine has fax (MFC-215C), it was the instructions for non-fax machines per your note that worked.
I find it extraordinary that this shutdown of the printer is actually designed in by Brother. Once the purge counter exceeds 6,400 the machine WILL shut down, so sooner or later every Brother user will meet this problem, and there's no advice to users as to what that problem is, how serious it is and how it can be solved.
This doesn't even work as built-in obsolescence. Without advice as from your website, poeple would spend a frustrating couple of weekends trying to get the machine to work before dumping it in frsutration never to go near a Brother again. Not a good business plan!
Anyway, that's the rant out of the way. thanks again Trickydicky

Post time: 2010-1-31 23:37:49 |Show all posts
Many Thanks.
I have a brother DCP115C, which WAS displaying "Unable to clean", Error 46.
I followed your directions ( i am not sure wether I used the UP key or the mono start key, at around the 23/25 stroke "PURGE" came up, I followed the rest of your directions and now a fully operational printer.
Again Many Thanks, Monty D

Post time: 2010-1-31 23:19:53 |Show all posts
Very good (I suppose); what about a DCP-110 without a numerical keypad?

Post time: 2010-1-31 22:59:01 |Show all posts
hello.. I have a brother mfc 640 cw printer. I bought it in Germany, so the lcd display is german too. Is there any solution to change the lcd language to english or hungarian. Thanks

Post time: 2010-1-31 22:49:59 |Show all posts
Hello..gud day 2 you...thank u for giving an idea..my printer having that same problem ERROR 46..so i do what ever u say and thanks to you it works..

Post time: 2010-1-31 22:00:48 |Show all posts
trickydicky's instructions worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch because I was about to spend money for service or buy a new printer.

Post time: 2010-1-31 21:04:32 |Show all posts
i cleaned the pad (pain in the butt), and did the "purge" reset.
Did not fix it.
SO...i got ballsy...
I went thru almost all the settings in the maintenance menu (80) and hit 2783 on them to clear them out. I did not do ones that i thought might hurt it. But in reality, if i did 2783 to one and it didnt like it, when i went back it would default it to factory so i dont think you can mess it up.
But now it works, so i think everyone else who did the purge and it didnt fix it, do what i did...
This was on a mfc5440

Post time: 2010-1-31 19:34:43 |Show all posts
pls help me . my printer mfc260 error 46 .
what can i do .
help me pls ......

Post time: 2010-1-31 19:29:35 |Show all posts
Was your error code actually the notorious 46? Both before and after?
Because, for me, all I needed to do was reset the purge counter - I didn't even clean the waste ink tank (yet). (Due to a "go through all the paperwork in the house and sort it" operation by Her, there is not a horizontal surface in the house free of newspaper cutouts, old letters, or similar, on which to take apart a printer!)

Post time: 2010-1-31 17:36:25 |Show all posts
As usual, the advice from fixyourownprinter.com saved the day! I was able to "fix" the Unable to Clean error on my MFC620CN by following the various posts in this thread, first to find the actual error code (46 indeed!) and then to reset the purge counter. Magic numbers they are!!
What's left to do is actually clean the waste ink tank. I suppose that unless we change a lot of cartridges (or do head cleaning) in the next few days, this can wait a little. It does appear to be a rather major operation, but the German website from Enderlin-direkt (once again: http://www.hstt.net/refill-faq/inside.html#Brother_mfc215c ) will be a help.
Now a promise: if I get this to work, I just might take the trouble (a) to ask Enderlin for permission, and then (b) to translate the page into English and publish it on our web site.
Gratefully yours,

Post time: 2010-1-31 16:43:32 |Show all posts
Por favor, alguem me ajude a resolver esse erro que aparece nas minhas maquinas. Comprei 5 brother dcp 130-c e 4 estão apresentando o erro 46.Preciso delas para trabalhar, aguardo a bondade de quem puder ajudar-me.
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