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Why won't my scanner pick up my local police?

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Post time: 2013-6-2 17:23:23 |Show all posts
i have about 25 frequencies programmed in it and some of them work but the one's i'm listening for won't come through

Post time: 2013-6-3 06:18:04 |Show all posts

You may be too far away. The channel may be private.

Post time: 2013-6-3 05:08:02 |Show all posts

wrong chanel? or blocked radiowaves so savillions dont listen

Post time: 2013-6-3 03:20:39 |Show all posts

the police are locked

Post time: 2013-6-3 01:48:26 |Show all posts

maybe they are using the new type of radio, thats the reason why i didnt get a scanner, my towns police are gonna change to them soon

Post time: 2013-6-3 00:13:28 |Show all posts

Do you have the right frequency for your local police?

Post time: 2013-6-2 22:58:05 |Show all posts

where i live the police switched to digital, and scanners are analog so it wont pick them up.

Post time: 2013-6-2 21:34:52 |Show all posts

1. Your scanner doesn't cover the frequencies your local police are using, or
2. The local police are using encryption to prevent people from listening in.
Don't try calling them and asking: they don't normally like eavesdroppers and listening in on police channels may be illegal in your state

Post time: 2013-6-2 19:52:32 |Show all posts

probably cause the police dont have their radar thing on usually the scanners pick up the signals by locating the radar thing or something like that (i hope you're talking about that thing that makes a noise when police are around cause that's what i'm talking about if you're not talking about that... OOPS!)
i know some ppl with scanners

Post time: 2013-6-2 18:41:58 |Show all posts

OK, let's get this straight (and spelled right)...
are able to listen to fire and police calls; I'm doing it right now. However, I cannot easily pick up calls towns more than 20 miles away; it happens, but not often.
The frequencies change over time. You may need to re-program what you saved. I called my local police and fire houses (non-emergency lines) to ask what frequencies they use, and they were more than happy to tell me.
Also, some calls are made on one frequency and responses on another. Some municipalities have a central dispatch, others such as the State Highway Patrol have districts with a different frequency for each one.
...and sometimes the scanner is quiet just because there isn't any activity going on.
There are also private frequencies that cannot be cracked (legally).
One thing I've learned by listening to my scanner (Radio Shack PRO-95  1000 Channel Dual Trunking) is that if a person gets pulled over by the cops, PERSONAL INFORMATION IS NOT PRIVATE. I've heard descriptions of people and their cars, license plate and driver's license numbers, home addresses and social security numbers (whether or not used as your license number).
And baby monitors in the home transmit private conversations that can be heard over the air waves (scanners, hearing aids, cell phones, corless phones, portable TV's and other wireless listening devices).
I know this is more information than asked for but it's useful to know.
Have fun with your scanner. I love mine.
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