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Why is my lexmark z23 printer printing in pink ,when i have half of both inks in

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Post time: 2010-2-18 05:49:32 |Show all posts
-it prints everything in pink ,i have a black cartridge ,why doe snt it print in black.

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Lexmark uses three colors to form all of the colors you get. To gete black you have to have some of all of the colors. It sounds like your cartridge has red and yellow but no blue.
Get a new ink cartridge
Source(s): My dad had a lexmark

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You need to clean your printer heads. Sounds like they're clogged. Also check to be sure you took off the tape that covers the bottom of the printer cartridges. That's a common mistake. For more help, use the link below.
Hope this helps to get your printer back on track.
Source(s): http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/sequentia…

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No they don't. All printers (even inkjet) use some form of CMYK. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.) That's what the cartridges say on them, and that's what they use. It's ironic, the printer speaks CMYK. The monitor, that you see your product on BEFORE you print it, projects RGB. The human eye, at the same time, sees Red, YELLOW, Blue. Very complicated when it comes to putting color on paper. But, I can tell you this... Lexmark printers are, in general, crap. Especially the z series. No offense intended. Buy a new printer... try Epson. (Don't try Canon... too much maintenance.) Most retail software also sends documents to the printer in RGB format. Just a little FYI.
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