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What is the HP Customer Participation Program 13.0 and do I need it? Deskjet F4440.

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I just want to know if it is taking up space because I don't use it. Is it a program my printer needs or is it for something els and I can delete it?

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You're welcome. I'm glad it helped

All the best,


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Thank you DP-K. This helps a lot.

Thank you once more,

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As far as I am aware, it reports back with statistics on how the product is used to help HP develop and improve their products so I imagine it could well report any errors that your printer encounters.  It is not responsible for updates - you should have a seperately installed application called HP Update which is resposible for this.

Obviously, every system is different, but I can say that I've uninstalled it with no loss of functionality - I also remember receiving a similar warning when uninstalling.

Just as a point of interest, during the initial stages of installing the printer software suite, if you choose the Advanced Options, you can select not to install this application ( and other optional components such as Photosmart Essentials, Shop for Supplies etc ).

On the link below is a thread on another forum regarding this that you may wish to read.


Hope this helps.



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Thank you for your reply. It tells me that if I remove the program it will effect the Printer Driver Software 13.0 Rel .5. Can you please tell me more about how the program works and how it effects the Printer Driver Software? Dose it report errors back to HP and for updates?

Thank you, CD636

Post time: 2013-3-13 10:03:40 |Show all posts

It's much the same as Microsofts Customer Participation Programs in that it sends back anonymous information relating to the use of HP Products - you can quite happily uninstall this application from its entry in Programs and Features via windows Control Panel.


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