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Unicode to PCL

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Post time: 2006-9-12 06:49:49 |Show all posts
Dear all,
I am involved in a project for printing data in various languages. We are using HP-PCL 5e compatible printers.
Our plan of action is -
1)Make a User Defined Symbol Set for a particular language
2)Soft Download the required fonts
We are pretty new to the PCL world, hence any help/hints would be highly appreciated.
Q1) Is the above approach technically correct?
Q2) For creating PCL commands for downloading soft fonts which are truetype(like MS Arial etc) where do we look for documented instructions/tutorials. (The PCL Tech Ref Manual seems incomplete in thsi regard.)
Q3) Is there a "Unicode Symbol Set" somewhere that we could use? Or atleast a Symbol Set that maps characters in some languages like Vietnamese etc.
Thanks in advance.

Post time: 2006-9-12 08:22:38 |Show all posts
quite interesting project.
If you're printing from windows, then WYSIWYG - you shouldn't need to do anything, because the HP drivers download everything as soft fonts to the printer.
if you want to do it from DOS or UNIX, then is easier to add flash DIMM or harddisk and download the desired font to the printer with wenjetadmin.
The unicode font doesn't mean anything else than 1 font with all code pages merged together. Most of the code pages are already downloaded in the printer (together with the standard font) so I would suggest that you first talk to HP (free of charge) before making unnecesaary purchases
Back to the windows: if you wanted to print the unicode with postscript driver make sure you seach on MS - it still kills NT4 and only 2k has hotfix
A1: yes, correct
A2: the PCL manual is complete, but you need to read it 17 times back and forth before you fully understand the concepts. There were some extra software which helped to download the fonts, but... It really is very difficult problem. Count how much printer RAM you'll need (for example) to store the Unicode font then count the $$$. Again, I would ask the HP consultant for help, or a HP jetcaps partner
A3:no. The unicode is just bunch of all codes in one file (font). the printer can't handle it this way and you'd have to extract the Unicode back to different symbol sets (I think that there is 255 characters limit for a symbol set in the printer, and unlimited amount of sdefined symbol sets).
HP has also some font cartridges already available. (korean, hebrew, cyrilic, barcodes etc)
there are so many possibilities to do it the way you want it, as I said it must be very interesting project :)
good luck
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