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Toshiba E-520 E-mail gmail

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Post time: 2010-7-1 16:03:21 |Show all posts
Well, lets give this a try. I have a customer with four large connected MFP's. Three wil scan to e-mail to hotmail and gmail, one will not. All use the same smtp, telus. All will email everybody else. DSC Support said the machine will not decide who will and wil not receive email. Got the firmware version for them, ....232, they say update firmware. I say its bullShXt and wont help this problem. Customer is 160km away and would feel beter with something else to try before I go back. Any idea's would be appreciated.

Post time: 2010-12-5 20:20:39 |Show all posts
Changed dns setting from there it guy's to router Ip, same result. Used four different known SMTP's including Toshiba server and Athentification as well as Name of servers and IP's of mail servers, same result. Have tried different scan enablers with Toshiba's settings as well. Error changed to 2C69 or 71 can't remember, notes are at work..........

Post time: 2010-11-21 13:24:32 |Show all posts
2550, failure to connect to smtp, I believe.
Check the dns settings and/or try to use the ip address of the mail server.

Post time: 2010-11-7 06:28:25 |Show all posts
2550, failure to connect to smtp, I believe.

Post time: 2010-10-23 23:32:18 |Show all posts
log into top access
administration tab
enter password
second line maintenance and select logs
reply with the failure code for the scans
Also just to play devils advocate which scan enabler do you have installed?

Post time: 2010-10-9 16:36:10 |Show all posts
Spent three hours with this machine talking to DSC ( tech support ) and they could not fix it either. Wont scan to e-mail to toshiba either........

Post time: 2010-9-25 09:40:03 |Show all posts
Well as per usual updating all firmware as per DSC did nothing but add a new icon to the panel. Scan to web mail.

Post time: 2010-9-11 02:43:56 |Show all posts
Sorry about that, I misread the original post. I'm thinking that it will either be a user setting, or maybe something in service mode that may need to be turned on that is defaulted to off, and this may be something that is affecting the new machine to scan.
Double check the service mode settings related to smtp/pop settings as well, just in case.
The firmware could fix something overlooked in the software of the new machine......maybe because they rushed it to market like most manufacturers do. I wish I had an exact answer for you.

Post time: 2010-8-27 19:47:49 |Show all posts
Look in the history log and see what the failure code is. This will point you (or us) to the correct issue that is going on.

Post time: 2010-8-13 12:51:42 |Show all posts
There are specific problems with Gmail that make it difficult for scanning. I haven't googled it, but there are a few threads on this site about specific problems with Gmail, and I do not believe that, at this time, there are any ways to get around their issues; I believe there are some encryption and authentication issues specific to Gmail.
But his other three MFP's will scan to these e-mails. They are the older model of the same machine. Tech will update firmware today as per DSC and see what happens..........
The machine just says scanning failed, so I think it is not getting to the smtp?

Post time: 2010-7-15 22:59:28 |Show all posts
I know I am late responding to this post, but if I am understanding you correctly ... some of the users who have gmail and hotmail accounts are not receiving the scan to email documents.
The thing to remember is that when a document is scanned to email, the scanned image is sent to the SMTP server and from there forwarded to the receiving email servers. Unless your copier is logging an explicit error code when you scan to email, then the scanned document made it to the SMTP server without incident. In that case there is not problem at all with the copier or the connection. The problem would most likely be that Hotmail or Gmail is rejecting the mail for some reason.
I would suggest that the MFP be given an email account which you can monitor any returned emails. In the returned email will be the information indicating why the email was rejected.
Also, it is not unheard of for Gmail, Hotmail, Excite, Earthlink, Yahoo, and other email servers to hold mail for several hours (or even days) before it is finally delievered.
From your description I would conclude that the scan to email function on the copier is working as it should. Remember; it is making it to the SMTP server ... that is it's only task. It is out of the loop from that point on.
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