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Sharp MX-3501n Maintenance

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Post time: 2010-7-30 05:03:37 |Show all posts
I have this printer in an office building and I replaced several of the drums and performed theso called maintenance but I can't get the error to go away. I know that everything is running ok because i am still able to copy just fine. However, on the printing side the printer keeps registering as offline due to this error. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

Post time: 2010-12-5 19:28:40 |Show all posts
WTROLL is right. I've been setting this Soft Switch at every machine. This Soft Switch adjustment is also applicable for all MX machines, not just C-Jupiter. Exactly the same procedure.

Post time: 2010-11-21 12:32:33 |Show all posts
when 'time of maintenance' is displayed, the spooler may be placed under 'offline' status and sending print data may be disabled.
Enter Sim 55-3, SW.n°9.
Data n°5 must set to 1.
This is valid for all C-Jupiter series.

Post time: 2010-11-7 05:36:26 |Show all posts
Ther is also a setting to inhibit copy or print when certain maintenance is due. go in and make sure you have these set to not inhibit copy or print. You really should due the ML on these beasts when required. If you let one or two things go it will bite you when you have to replace everything all at once and the calibration is just a pleasure to do! SIT charts for CCD,Hammermill 11x17 and run the cal 4 times for copy and 4 times for print. Reg adjust. I am so glad I do not see these anymore!! Good luck and happy parts replacement.

Post time: 2010-10-23 22:40:19 |Show all posts
The real issue here isn't that a maintenance is required. It is that when service is up, you cannot print. This is an issue in the print driver being used.
Go into the print driver and to the 'ports' tab. Highlight the port you are printing to. Click 'configure port'. Go to the bottom and un-check 'SNMP printing'
This will enable you to print while maintenance and some error messages are displayed on the printer.
For most applications this will work, but I know it will not when using AS4000.

Post time: 2010-10-9 15:44:12 |Show all posts
The TA code is indicated when the maintenance total counter reaches 90% of the set value in simulation 21-1, or it reaches the value of sim. 21-1 but sim 26-38 is set to print enable. In other words, if you performed a complete maintenance, you need to reset the appropriate values in simulation 24. With this machine I have found that you really need to do a full maintenance when required or you will run into CQ problems. But just so you know, knowing this machine, you will probably run into CQ problems anyway! To correctly calibrate this machine you need a SIT chart for the CCD and Hammermill 11x17 color paper. Sharp has a very detailed proceedure for calibration. We had a ton of CQ issues with these when they were first introduced.

Post time: 2010-9-25 08:48:05 |Show all posts
Go into simulation 24-04 highlight maintenance all. Then execute the yes. This will reset the maintenance TA. Also preform simulation 24-07 to reset the drum counters if you haven't done that already

Post time: 2010-9-11 01:51:58 |Show all posts
the error code is TA:Maintenance Required
thank you for the quick responses

Post time: 2010-8-27 18:55:51 |Show all posts
If you just performed a PM, you need to reset the counters in the 24 field. Usually there is a code showing, ie VK, and that will let you know what counter to reset. I hope this helps.

Post time: 2010-8-13 11:59:44 |Show all posts
Well you told us everything, except the error that is making your printer off line.
On Sharp products it's a letter & four numbers that's displayed on the screen of the copier or stored in simulation 22-4.
When you know the error code we'll be able to help you.
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