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Samsung CLX-3160FN Error Message is Transfer Belt Error What is

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Post time: 2012-8-5 05:19:19 |Show all posts
Samsung CLX-3160FN  Error Message is "Transfer Belt Error"  What is necessary to correct this error?
Optional Information:
Make: Samsung
Model: CLX-3160FN
Already Tried:
Checked for paper jam, none exist.  No other action taken.

Post time: 2012-8-5 23:22:15 |Show all posts
Relist: Incomplete answer.
I think I will have to take it to some printer repair shop.  There is no easy way to get into the "guts" of the printer and look for a Transfer Belt.  Thanks anyway

Post time: 2012-8-5 21:43:47 |Show all posts
There does not appear to be an easy way to get into the inside of the printer where the belt is located.  I think I will just have to take the printer to some repair shop.        

Post time: 2012-8-5 19:53:08 |Show all posts
Can you take the belt out and have a look to see if it falling to clean

Post time: 2012-8-5 18:42:30 |Show all posts
Do I have a spare transfer belt - no
Do I have a spare printer - no

Post time: 2012-8-5 16:49:44 |Show all posts
Do you have a spare one?        

Post time: 2012-8-5 15:38:44 |Show all posts
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
There has been no problems with the print quality.  First problem noticed was an alignment issues with printing checks (three to a page) from Quickbooks.  Printing did not alignment with the printed categories on the checks.  After several attempts to get the alignment correct, it just quick working and the "Transfer Belt Error" light came on and will not go out.        

Post time: 2012-8-5 14:30:11 |Show all posts
What's the copy quality been like?        

Post time: 2012-8-5 12:57:26 |Show all posts
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
No reset button available on Transfer Belt count.  Current count shows on 17,062 not 60,000.        

Post time: 2012-8-5 10:57:58 |Show all posts
No reset button on Transfer Belt Count.  Count only shows 17062 images.  No way to reset the count.        

Post time: 2012-8-5 09:24:20 |Show all posts
1. go in diagnose mode:
menu - # XXXXX 1934 - menu
2. in tech mode -consumables counter - transfer belt -reset
3. after 20 sec. power off and power on
When transfer belt count 60.000 image need to reset.
good lock!

Post time: 2012-8-5 08:04:02 |Show all posts
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
Same problem still exists.        

Post time: 2012-8-5 06:31:27 |Show all posts
Hello my name is Andy (in the UK)
I will deal with your issue as best as I can.
yahoo is the largest paid online Expert answers marketplace
This is the hard reset procedure, It may help in this case.....
Please turn off the printer from the mains wall socket and unplug it from your computer.
Please restart your computer
Take the paper out and put it back in, checking its all straight and no corners turned up etc.
Then have a cup of tea (ie leave it for 5 minutes)
Now plug it back in and switch on.
Allow it to warm up and try printing again.        
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