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Ricoh MPC 3000 SC 995

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Post time: 2010-5-5 12:50:36 |Show all posts
I was installing last week , a MPC 3000 in a customer's office , equipped
with a MPC 2500. For obscure and stupid reason , i started the MPC 3000
with the MPC 2500 controller board.Every thing was OK at this moment.
Then i decided to reinstall in the MPC 3000 his original controller board,
and that was the beginning of my troubles !!
Shortly after being turned on, the copier displayed ' SC 995' ( wrong
controller board).
I ordered another MPC 3000 controller board with new NV Ram, reinstalled
it, but the SC 995 stilled there.A co worker told me to change the IOB
I made a clear memory of the MPC 3000 but the problem is not solved.
I think that the copier has in his memory, ( NV Ram from the BICU ?) the
parameters, serial number of the MPC 2500 initialy installed.
Any help would be warmly welcome !!!

Post time: 2010-12-5 20:52:22 |Show all posts
I experienced exactly the same problem: we installed a 2500 controller in a 3000 & the result was the same as yours. Finally after 3 burning brains, 12 hours of hard work and the replacement of every board (bcu, controller, iob, nvram...), I decided to go to copytechnet.com... And the result is that I repared the R59 fuse on the IOB. The code is fixed! Many thanks to Cipher who wrote this solution a few months ago.

Post time: 2010-11-21 13:56:15 |Show all posts
SP 5882 in phase 1,4,3 i have change but the error come again

Post time: 2010-11-7 07:00:08 |Show all posts
I believe that '0' was the default. But mine was set at '1' so maybe that is the setting for your machine.
Also SP5882 is may not be available unless one enters this way.
Press 'clear all', 1,4,3,'C/S', then press and hold 'C/S'.

Post time: 2010-10-24 00:04:01 |Show all posts
I have try to change 5882 but it is not changed . i have still SC 995

Post time: 2010-10-9 17:07:54 |Show all posts
SC995 fix
Press 'clear all', 1,4,3,'C/S', then press and hold 'C/S'.
Then go to copy SP, then SP5882 (CPM) and change to the initial setting.

Post time: 2010-9-25 10:11:47 |Show all posts
hi , i have inverse problem someone can i help me. please thank you

Post time: 2010-8-27 20:19:33 |Show all posts
Same Problem, but we miss R59. Where is it?
Another solution is too update the nvram with MP C 2500 information. Is not so expensiv, but slower than the MP C 3000.

Post time: 2010-8-13 13:23:26 |Show all posts
Been there, done that and I just hope the customer isn't counting the copier output with a stopwatch in his hand!

Post time: 2010-7-30 06:27:19 |Show all posts
Hi all
The solution was to install a MPC 2500 control board !
I hope the customer will not verify the machine speed !

Post time: 2010-7-15 23:31:12 |Show all posts
Have you changed the dip switch settings? The boards are usually the same but with different settings on the mice pianos. The correct defaults are mentioned in the SM.
That NVRam on the BCU is another good point because some parameters, like the serial number gets verified with the NVRam on the controller. But afaik a wrong serial number is forcing another SC. Can you access the SP? What serial number is stored in there?

Post time: 2010-7-1 16:35:05 |Show all posts
Try the Cipher's method, it costs nothing.

Post time: 2010-6-17 09:38:57 |Show all posts
Are you 'Techos' of Francotech ?
If yes, for your problème, in french we could say : Hé bin t'es pas dans la merde
Yes i am !!!!
Great 'Mad scientist' !
Do you realy think this problem has no solution ?

Post time: 2010-6-3 02:42:50 |Show all posts
Your co-worker is correct, but you should only need to replace the R59 fuse on the IOB board.
That fuse blows when you try interchanging the controller boards.

Post time: 2010-5-19 19:46:43 |Show all posts
Are you 'Techos' of Francotech ?
If yes, for your problème, in french we could say : Hé bin t'es pas dans la merde
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