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Ricoh Afficio Mp3030 error code sc995

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Post time: 2013-3-14 19:35:35 |Show all posts
Dear all;
I am getting the errors SC 995 and SC792 ( problem with the finisher ) when i start up the machine Ricoh Afficio MP3030
any help will deeply appreicated
Thanks in advance

Post time: 2013-3-15 17:08:51 |Show all posts
I have seen many codes that I couldn't find the problem. Turning the machine on while holding down the # and * key forces the machine into a self diagnotics mode Whyen finished it will print a report. The printout will show a different code. fix the code instead. Ignore the centronics port error, it shows up on every machine.

Post time: 2013-3-15 16:02:40 |Show all posts
My copier is up again
the problem was in a switch in the SBCU board, it was in the wrong position !!! ( a switch that its bank contains only two switches, i Think it is switch 103)
thanks everybody, talk to you in my next thread.

Post time: 2013-3-15 15:01:14 |Show all posts
According to the parts manual there's just one BCU board available, so no chance to confuse anything.

But there are quite a few controller boards available:

B215 5305 Controller Board 25CPM (B205)
B215 5306 Controller Board 30CPM (B209)
D006 5305 Controller Board C4.5 25CPM (D007)  
D006 5306 Controller Board C4.5 30CPM (D008)

And two different NV Ram:

B195 9590 NVRAM - Zero Counter (B205/B209)
D007 9590 NVRAM - Zero Counter (D007/D008)

I'd say you have either not the right NV ram installed or a wrong revision of the controller board. Sometimes the parts number is printed on a label you can find on the controller board (unfortunately this number isn't always compareable with the parts guide number). You should first find out the product code of your machine (B205/B209/Doo7 or D008) - I think it's written on the serial number plate as well. With this information you could try to figure out if the correctcontroller board revision is installed.

You could also compare the code with the other machine you've used for testing. In case both product codes are the same AND the controller board might be the issue you should get the same error if you try installing the controller board (including NV rams) of your SC995 machine into the machine that shows no SC code. So if the issue moves you'll know that the controller board or the nv rams must be causing this. To determine if it's maybe just the NV Ram you can swap these first since it's less work.

Post time: 2013-3-15 13:24:12 |Show all posts
I recheck the serial number that  is already saved ( i did not entred it myself) , it is correct and matches the one printed in the factory Data Sheets that come with the machine.
i Re-checked the Dip Swiches, they are in the correct positions.
I Re- Cheked the CBU Board Type, it is the correct Board Type of Aficio 3030 MP
Kindly note that the board worked properly when i moved it to another 3030 MP machine, but when i installed new BCU in the promlematic copier, the SC 995 poped up again.

Post time: 2013-3-15 11:31:13 |Show all posts
Sorry - I was referring to the documentation postet here before. Now I checked back the serive manual myself and got a different description for that SC code:

I don't have an english manual but freely translated it says that there's been a mismatch between the controller board and the engine (board?). This can happen if someone replaces a board for the 3025 instead of 3030 or if the DIP switch settings on these boards are wrong.

Post time: 2013-3-15 09:42:08 |Show all posts
Did you actually re-input the serial number? I know of one a while ago that give someone SC995 if you didn't put the first letter of the serial number in as a capital letter.

Post time: 2013-3-15 08:28:18 |Show all posts
Dear Gift

there is no sub code for SC995, no sub code displayed on the machine screen, and no subcode listed in the service manual for Aficio 3030 MP,
for another models you could be right, but not for Aficio 3030 MP
the serial Number stored in the NV Ram matches the one listed in the data plate

Post time: 2013-3-15 06:50:28 |Show all posts
According to the service manual quote a few posts before there are several sub-codes to SC995 - you might take a look wich you got on your machine. Start with replacing the BCU is obviously a waste of time - it's not even mentioned in the desciption for this SC code. The serial number is stored in the NV ram that sits on the controller board.

Post time: 2013-3-15 05:47:23 |Show all posts
how's the firmware version?

Post time: 2013-3-15 04:02:46 |Show all posts
Serial No is Correct!!
I replaced the BCU with a new one, Same Error SC 995
I put the BCU of this Problematic copier in another Aficio 3030 PM, it worked normally

any idea to help?

Post time: 2013-3-15 02:55:04 |Show all posts

Post time: 2013-3-15 01:21:22 |Show all posts
This SC995 is suspicious - usually you get this code if somebody tried to mess with the NV Ram, cheating the copy counter. I won't say that this must be the case but like I said - it's a good reason to be suspicious.

    Have you changed the controller , NVram or BCU??  I don't have the impression that the thread starter is a tech but it appears that he might consider calling one or forcing contact with the seller, requesting some suggestion how to proceed with that deal.

Post time: 2013-3-14 23:28:37 |Show all posts
Actually, i bought it as used machine
no succeful comunications with the old owner !!!
thanks TonerBomb for your assistant

Post time: 2013-3-14 22:00:55 |Show all posts
SC792 is the finisher actually plugged in to the MFP?? This is a common code when a machine has a bridge unit installed and no finisher installed.
As for SC995, From the GKB.

SC995 Serial Number Setting Incorrect  The 11-digit serial number is printed on the data plate. This information is compared with the installed components to detect mismatches.  SC995-01 D Serial Number Mismatch 1     • Enter the correct information for the model with SP5811 or use the previous NVRAM.   • Cycle the machine off/on.    SC995-02 D NVRAM Mismatch    Use the previous NVRAM.
If the NVRAM must be replaced:   • Prepare an SD card with the current model information.   • Do SP5825 to download the new model information from the SD card to new NVRAM.   • Remove the SD card.   • Cycle the main machine off/on.    SC995-03 D Controller Mismatch, or Controller Board Defective    You must install the GW controller board designed for use with this machine.  SC995-04 D Serial Number Mismatch 2    Reinstall the components which have been removed from the machine   
Have you changed the controller , NVram or BCU??

Post time: 2013-3-14 20:45:44 |Show all posts
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