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Preview on Mac Client Xenith Xtreme

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Post time: 2012-10-4 08:40:40 |Show all posts
When I use the viewer in the Mac Client Xenith Xtreme RipManager to try to view a proof file I get the error
"There is a problem with the separation file: X/Program Files?XitronXenith/genstore/proof/30459LYRA.job_010001Black.tif"
When I preview the same file on the Xenith Xtreme  server using RipManager viewer it views OK.  I have never been able to use the viewer function in the Mac client. All other functionality with the client is fine. Anyone have any ideas why? Anyone else having success using the RipManager viewer on the Mac Client?
Running 10.5.2
Rip manager 6.0.3

Post time: 2012-10-4 18:18:20 |Show all posts
I did get in contact with Xitron and with a reinstall and a couple of tweaks a few issues were cleared up. esmith214 hit it. Although I was logged in and could see activity on the Xitron server I hadn't actually mounted it. Once mounted and a few tweaks on the Xitron server and my Mac via WebX I am all set. Saves a lot of running around, not to mention the LCD Monitor on my workstation is light years ahead of the old CRT on the Xitron box.

Post time: 2012-10-4 16:44:23 |Show all posts
There are other possibilities (I am not so sure about the “long file name” suggestion, as it would effect all macs equally - and I don't believe there was a long file name problem with the Xenith Mac viewer – I worked at Xitron for 14 years).
Anyway, it could be that your Mac doesn't have a machine name – this does weird things to networking. It could be that the memory settings on the viewer are set too low (do a get info on the app and give it more memory), it could be that you don't have the latest software on the Mac, there have been updates.
Too bad you can't get a support call, I am pretty sure they could fix you up.

Post time: 2012-10-4 15:32:25 |Show all posts
A service contract wouldn't help you.
This is a known bug. Xitron won't acknowledge it.  For some unfortunate users, Mac Client Viewer can't handle long filenames. We have this installed on 5 workstations and not everyone experiences the problem. Occasionally, reinstalling will make it work. I got a new workstation, installed it there and it worked fine for about a month.
I just live with it and go over to the Xenith Xtreme server and view longer filenames there. Hope the new upgrades take care of this. It's extremely annoying.

Post time: 2012-10-4 13:39:30 |Show all posts
I have the X drive mounted. If I open the viewer and open a tif file in the X/programs/XitronXenith/genstore/proof folder it will view a single .tif. Unfortunately the Xitron renames the files so I am not sure which plate they represent and it does not combine the colors from that form/side so that I can view them combined.  Is there a way to set the viewer up to view and combine the tifs that I am missing?
Unfortunately we are in austerity mode, we don't have a service contract and I would not want to ask management to spend money for a service call as I already know the answer. We can get by by viewing on the server. However we should be able to view through the client and it has never worked. The person responsible for original nstallation and not following through was before my time and is long gone.

Post time: 2012-10-4 12:16:34 |Show all posts
Do you have the Xenith X disk mounted on your Mac? The viewer needs access to the file.

Post time: 2012-10-4 10:40:31 |Show all posts
We have several clients that use it with no issues. I would suggest to have Xitron WebX in to help with your issue.
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