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New NVRAM, where to set counter on Ricoh 2510 in Factory Mode.

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Post time: 2013-2-15 06:52:52 |Show all posts
It's been a while since I've posted here, but have a short story and a quick question I was hoping someone could answer.

We sent in the controller board to Hytec for repair. The person that removed it, left the NVRAM on the board when they sent it in. Hytec apparently sent us back a different board as there was no NVRAM attached. After contacting Hytec, they sent us some appropriate NVRAM, however it was not the ones that were on the original board.

Our Ricoh 2510, that is currently up for sale, had aprox. 162,000 on the total counter. With the new NVRAM they sent, the machine is now a virgin at only 6,058 on the meter. I'd like to fix this.

I know how to get into Factory Mode and I've programmed in the proper serial number, etc. into the new NVRAM, but where I thought I could put in the proper meter reading (SP8581 - T:Counter) didn't seem to work. There was no response from the number keypad when I attempted to enter the correct meter. I know it's possible, but for some reason I can't seem to locate the proper place, or for some reason it won't let me change the meter.

Anybody have any info or secrets they can pass along, would be greatly appreciated.

Post time: 2013-2-15 10:04:00 |Show all posts
That's a bit depressing to hear.  I had thought that I read in the past that it was possible, but so far it's looking like you said, that it is not possible.  Quite a bummer, as the boss was hoping to get it set where it belonged.  Oh well, guess we'll have to uncover the mechanical counter, unless someone else has happier news.

Thanks for the response.

Post time: 2013-2-15 08:29:02 |Show all posts
The meter can not be modified, even from Factory Mode, AFAIK. You will have to rely on the mechanical counter for an accurate read from this point forward. Had you been able to do an NVRAM download to SD card the meter would have been restored upon upload.
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