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My printer mfc-490cw says unable to print 70.I have unplugged it and p

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Post time: 2013-1-8 18:52:13 |Show all posts
My printer mfc-490cw says unable to print 70. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in and still will not correct itself. It will not copy/scan keeps returning to error message.
--Brother MFC-490cw Color Inkjet Multi-Function Printer

Post time: 2013-1-16 17:07:06 |Show all posts
If you have installed something since yesterday you might want to use system restore. the program might be causing the flaw. If not dont worry.  You will need to uninstall the printer from your printer page and reinstall it.  depending if it is a networked printer or a usb connected.  If networked all you have to do is follow the install wizard.  but if it is a usb you will have to go to the company's website and download a printer driver. after that it should work.  dont forget to restart your computer.  sometimes that can help too.

Post time: 2013-1-13 22:04:52 |Show all posts
I have had this problem with multiple different Brother products and this has worked for me every time providing your network is up and running.
Reason behind problem:  Brother uses a Network Name for the device for access to the printer by the TCP/IP Port, occasionally your dns cache will hold the incorrect IP address for the printer and you need to force the network name to point at the correct IP.
**Note the steps to find your printer IP may change depending on the model of your printer but you can find out where it is in your manual if this doesn't work.
1.  On your printer press the menu button.2.  Naviagate to LAN -> TCP/IP -> IP Address3.  When you press ok on IP Address it should show the printers current IP at the top of the page.  It will look something like keep a note of this.4.  Back on your computer go to Control Panel5.  Open printers (this may vary slightly by operating system)6.  Find your Brother MFC and right click on it.  Then press Properties.7.  Click on the Ports Tab.8.  Select the port that has a tick next to it and press Configure Port...9.  Note down the Port Name:  It will be something like BRN_984B5C10.  You can now close all of the printer windows.11.  Open File Explorer12.  Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\13.  There will be a file called hosts (no extention) double click on it and choose Notepad to open the file.14.  At the bottom of this document after all the other text you will need to type in the following (using the information we have found): BRN_984B5C15.  Close and save the file.  As you are in Vista you may have some funky UAC windows asking if you are sure you want to save etc. etc. just say yes.
That should do it,  your printer will now be able to scan, print & fax from the printer and the printer will be able to find you if you do the same from it's menu.
Hope this helps.

Post time: 2013-1-11 11:12:04 |Show all posts
That error says that the carriage is not moving properly side to side or the encoder strip is dirty or out of position. You have to look inside for scraps or  encoder position with a flashlight and mirror or remove the top cover to correct the problem.
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