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My new Brothher HL-22400 printer, that I bought about six weeks

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Post time: 2012-6-11 11:17:17 |Show all posts
My new Brothher HL-22400 printer, that I bought about six weeks ago, has only printed about 100 sheets but now it is completely dead. It won't print and there are no lights on it, even when I press "Go". I have checked the power cord with a continuity meter and it is OK. The socket is live and the correct 110 volts. I wiggled the power cord around in the printer socket but it still showed no signs of life.
Is there a fuse or reset button in the printer that would enable me to power the printer up?
Optional Information:
Make: Brother
Model: HL-22400
What have you tried so far?: I checked the power continuity and socket voltage. I also pressed the printer's "Go" button but the printer is completely dead.

Post time: 2012-6-11 14:37:17 |Show all posts
Hi Taylor,
I am the dumb one. I bought a new Brother HL-2270 DW Printer for $90 as I have spare toner. During the set-up procedure it said "Now switch on the printer". Then it dawned on me, I did not switch on my old Brother HL-22400 Printer, THAT IS WHY IT WOULD NOT POWER UP! Now I have switched on both printers they both work fine. I normally switch the printer on and off with the power bar, that is why I forgot the printer switch was out of sight on the right hand side.

Thanks anyway--Billy Morgan

Post time: 2012-6-11 12:51:12 |Show all posts
Hi and Welcome to Just Answer/Pearl, my name is XXXXX XXXXX will be assisting you with your issue today. Please rate my answer at the end of the session.
Hi Bill, no unfortunatley there is no reset capabilities when this occurs.
If the printer is completely dead and the power cord checks out ok, most definately go and get the printer exchanged while its under warranty. This is a bad sign of main board failure.
There wont be anything you can do to remedy this by yourself for 100% sure.
Thanks Mike        
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