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My HP Photosmart 6510 will not print black.

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Post time: 2012-9-19 19:25:25 |Show all posts
My HP Photosmart 6510 will not print black.   
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Post time: 2012-9-20 08:16:39 |Show all posts
Sadly you have been of no use to me. Printer had been OK until I attempted to print 4 small images of my grandson.  Since then black has been completely absent from prints. There was no ink to clean from contacts, the vents were clear and no packaging remained after cartridge replacement.

I did not know about the third party cleaning kit but I had already tried all that you suggested.

It is difficult to mark your performance since I will be paying for useless information that is beyond your control?

Post time: 2012-9-20 06:18:10 |Show all posts
Ok, this model doesn't have a removable printhead. Unfortunately this limits our options, on some models the printhead is removable and then we can soak the printhead to remove the offending clog. In this case, there is only 2 options:
1. Open the printer and remove all cartridges. Turn off the printer and disconnect all cables from the back of it. Use a q-tip dampened with warm water to clean the copper contacts on the cartridges and in the printer. Keep cleaning until no ink comes off on the q-tip.

Next, check all the ink cartridges and make sure that any prepackaging has been taken off:

Then make sure they are vented correctly:



source: http://is.gd/a68fHFYou can use a pin to clear the vent if necessary. Now, reinsert the ink cartridges and reconnect all cables to the back of the printer. Plug the printer back in to the outlet, then turn the printer back on, and run another printhead cleaning.
2. If black is still missing, you can try a printhead flush kit for you model, click HERE. These types of kits come with a small syringe and vinyl hose so you can inject a cleaning solution into the printhead. Sometimes this works, as the combination of the solution and pressure from the flush kit can unclog advanced clogs. There is a 14 day money back guarantee on this particular flush. Please note I am not affiliated in any way with the particular companies that sell these kits.
If still no black, then unfortunately either the sensors for black inside the printhead have failed for the black nozzle is permanentely clogged/worn and you will need to have the printer serviced. HP will very likely offer you a new printer at a discount since they rarely take the non-removable printhead types for repair. Honestly if it comes to this point, I would recommend a new printer entirely, it is not worth the cost of repair.
Hopefully it does not come to needing repair, if it does I'm very sorry there was not a quicker fix, I always try to be thorough as possible before determining if something needs repair. When rating me, please consider that hardware failure is out of my control (although I can absolutely relate to the frustration)...So if I can be of any further assistance to gain a favorable rating from you today, please let me know anything you need.
Thank you,Bernie   
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Post time: 2012-9-20 04:57:43 |Show all posts
No plastic lever

Post time: 2012-9-20 03:53:46 |Show all posts
Thanks for checking, and I apologize for the delay, sometimes there is a delay on this page when I post.
Now please open up the printer and look at the inks inside, do you see a plastic lever on the right side of the printhead:


Post time: 2012-9-20 02:52:00 |Show all posts
I have submitted an answer. What is going on?

Post time: 2012-9-20 01:21:55 |Show all posts
Ink levels are good. Print quality report shows no black; colours are good

Post time: 2012-9-19 23:53:28 |Show all posts
Thanks Charles,
Sorry if this seems a bit redundant, but can you please check 2 things for me:1. From the control panel home screen, touch the Ink icon

The current ink levels display.

Is the black ink empty?2. Print a nozzle test: From the control panel home screen, touch the Settings icon (wrench icon)[ol]Touch Tools , and then touch Print Quality Report . The product prints a test page.Figure 6: Example Print Quality Diagnostic Report

Do you get the diagnostic report at all?[/ol]Bernie41279.9062647917   

Post time: 2012-9-19 22:39:43 |Show all posts
About 14 months old. No black at all. If I print letter a blank page results.

Post time: 2012-9-19 20:45:52 |Show all posts
Optional Information:
Make: HP
Model: 6510
What have you tried so far?: Cartridges replaced and several ink-wasting printhead cleans carried out.
                                                                                          Posted by Bernie            61 days and 16 hours ago.                                                                    Hello and welcome, my name isXXXXX'm sorry to hear about your problem. Can you let me know:
How old is this printer?
When you do the printhead cleaning, you should get a nozzle test page printed afterwards, is the black ink completely missing / banded / faded from that printout as well?
Thank you,Bernie   
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