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My ESP 5250 balks at scanning.

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Post time: 2012-11-12 12:34:34 |Show all posts
My ESP 5250 balks at scanning.  I'm putting in pictures, one by one.  About every 7th time it gives me an error message (Scan to computer failed. Press OK to continue.)  That's after trying to run for about 2 minutes, and it won't cancel when I hit cancel.  This is eating up way too much time in what is already a very time consuming project.  This printer is only about 8 months old

Optional Information:
Make: Kodak
Model: ESP 5250
Already Tried:
Rebooting the computer.  Checking the cables. Smacking the top of the printer (that actually worked twice).

Post time: 2012-11-13 10:53:46 |Show all posts
Popcap is considered adware and could cause this yes. But the magic jack software shouldn't do anything unless you are on the phone while scanning in which case that could cause it to freeze up. I would try reinstalling the printer driver and uninstalling popcap completely.
Please bookmark or favorite this page so you can get back to me.
Then click on the windows start button and in the search box type printers and press enter.
(if there is not search box click on control panel and then printers)
Right click on your machine and any copies of it and click on delete.
Then disconnect the cable connecting it to the computer.
(if using a cable if not skip any cable steps)
Restart the computer and reinstall the machine.
Only connect the usb cable when the computers asks you to or when the installation is finished.
Do not test the machine yet instead restart the computer again and then test it.

Post time: 2012-11-13 09:14:47 |Show all posts
Okay, I give up.  I can't figure out how to resize it so it looks right with the other photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  It says that the photo is 100% and when i make it larger it looks weird, and it doesn't show up in the Gallery any bigger anyway.  I appreciate your efforts, but this doesn't answer my original question, which I'm now guessing has nothing to do with my Kodak printer/scanner (since I had no "glitch" problems scanning in Paint).  May I ask just one more question?  I've always suspected one of the programs on our computer of causing the pauses I described earlier.  The only "odd" programs we have are a Popcap game (Bejeweled) and Magic Jack (a VOIP phone service).  Do you think it could be one of those causing the pauses?  Whatever your answer, I'll accept and pay after you reply.  Thanks so much for your effort.        

Post time: 2012-11-13 08:04:42 |Show all posts
You can try uninstalling and reinstalling it but yes you can change that in paint. After scanning the image click on home at the top and then click on the resize button.

Post time: 2012-11-13 06:50:01 |Show all posts
But they all come out as little pictures in the upper right corner of a large white area.  They show that way when I play slide show too.  When i scan direct from the print to windows they show in (what i think of as) normal size.  Is there an adjustment on the paint/scan page to size them right? And this still doesn't explain why the scanner is glitching, does it?        

Post time: 2012-11-13 04:57:23 |Show all posts
You can actually edit them and save them from paint into your pictures folder. Anything in your pictures folder will show up in windows live photo gallery. Just like in paint you can also scan directly into windows live photo gallery and edit them there. In photo gallery click on file and then import if you don't see file press alt on the keyboard.

Post time: 2012-11-13 03:11:53 |Show all posts
Okay, looks like that works...I had no glitches or non-scanned photos.  But i'm not crazy about how they look in windows live photo gallery.  Where fom here?        

Post time: 2012-11-13 02:10:13 |Show all posts
Take your time.         

Post time: 2012-11-13 00:43:22 |Show all posts
done that, many times...I'll scan the way you asked and get back to you.        

Post time: 2012-11-12 23:21:56 |Show all posts
Yes that could cause problems with the printer and sometimes simply restarting the computer can help.         

Post time: 2012-11-12 21:40:52 |Show all posts
ok, I'll let you know in about an hour.  Maybe this bit of other info will help:  My computer has been "stalling".  That is, it hesitates.  If I'm typing like now, it will not show the letter or move the cursor immediately, but starts up again after a couple moments.  Could a glitch like that foul up the scanner/printer?

Post time: 2012-11-12 20:14:08 |Show all posts
That's fine I just want you to try it that way and see if you get the same error. That way we know if the problem is with the scanner or the software you are scanning into.         

Post time: 2012-11-12 18:51:40 |Show all posts
But I want to save it as a picture in my Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I can save it there, but it shows up as a small picture in a large background.  I want to be able to view the pictures in a slide show and have them all be the same size, etc.        

Post time: 2012-11-12 17:03:59 |Show all posts
Next time this happens trying scanning this way and see if you get a different error or if it works properly again after.
1.    Click Start , point to All Programs , point to Accessories , and then click Paint .
2.    Click the icon on the top left corner (looks like a blue box), and then click From Scanner or Camera .
3.    Make any desired setting changes.
4.    Click Scan .

Post time: 2012-11-12 15:14:55 |Show all posts
Windows 7 on pc

Post time: 2012-11-12 13:45:12 |Show all posts
What version of windows or mac are you using?        
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