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My Canon MX850 printer keeps flashing In Use/Memory and is making a co

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Post time: 2012-9-10 15:35:04 |Show all posts
My Canon MX850 printer keeps flashing In Use/Memory and is making a constant clicking sound.
--Canon PIXMA MP830 All-In-One InkJet Printer

Post time: 2012-9-17 23:27:00 |Show all posts
I had this problem and found that I had plugged the usb cable into the wrong plug hole.  I had tried a reinstall of teh printer which failed when it tried to recognise that teh printer was on and connected.  When I moved the usb cable to teh correcr socket (closest to teh side of teh printer) it was fine.

Post time: 2012-9-15 05:13:13 |Show all posts
I had the same problem. I had moved my printer and when I hooked it all back up, there was an annoying clicking sound, the "in use/memory" light was flashing and there was no communication with my pc. This is a tad embarassing, but if it helps someone, so be it lol. I had plugged everything in without looking.... my usb cable was plugged into the phone jack >.<. Check all your connections.... then check them again ;)

Post time: 2012-9-13 15:43:29 |Show all posts
Yeah, I had the same problem with my Pixma MP830 and I had to pay $9.99 for the solution. :P I called Canon’s technical support for help even though I have an expired warrantee, so that’s why this little piece of information was so expensive. Oh well, at least I didn’t cry and I’m happy that it’s fixed. lol
So this is the problem, just like everyone keeps saying: THE USB CORD IS IN THE PHONE JACK AND THE FAX THINKS THAT THE PRINTER IS “ON HOOK.” The thing is, in the back of the printer you have a column of jacks, the one on top has an icon of a phone and the one on bottom has a picture of an “L” or laptop. TAKE YOUR USB CORD OUT OF EITHER ONE OF THOSE, NO MATTER WHICH ONE IT MAY BE. What you may not have figured out by now is that there is a THIRD jack that is nowhere near those two. If you’re facing the front of the printer to the far right of the backside of the machine, there is this deep cavity that has your third, miracle jack in it. It’s even more to the right than the two jacks I described previously and its icon looks like a sideways, three-pronged cactus. Plug the square end of the USB cord into that jack, and the In Use/Memory light should stop blinking, and your printer can stop acting like car because the annoying, turn-signal clicking should stop as well. :)
You’re problem was probably the same as mine, when you moved your printer, you neglected to find your instructions manual (because you probably neglected to put that in a safe placed too lol) and you forgot which jack the USB cord went into.
Well, I hope my help was clear and that my $9.99 can go towards helping all those with this same problem and that you get some use out of my own stupidity and what seems like a waste of my money. lol
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