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Minolta DI450 c-0400

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Post time: 2013-5-3 14:07:07 |Show all posts
Need the description for this code.

Post time: 2013-5-3 17:25:58 |Show all posts
C-0400 (exposure lamp's failure to turn on)
1. Failing exposure lamp. If the lamp has become
discolored, change the lamp.
2. Failure of Image Processing Board or CCD Board.
If "NG" is displayed when "Scanning check" of
"Function (IR)" is run, check the optical path or
change the Image Processing Board or the CCD
3. Problem with operation of power supply board.
Check to see if the voltage across PJ9C-4 on Power
Supply board and GND is DC24V after the
malfunction has been reset. If so, check or change
the flat cable, the Inverter Board, or the Image
Processing Board.
....hi there,
you was asking what is the description.... you did
not ask how to fix it...right ?

Post time: 2013-5-3 16:04:17 |Show all posts
as with all minolta older series
C0400 Exposure Lamp's failure
to turn ON
• During a light intensity adjustment sequence, the
CCD read data does not exceed the specified level
when the peak of the intensity of light is detected
within 1 min. after the Exposure Lamp has turned
• Under normal conditions, the CCD read data does
not exceed the specified level 450 ms after the
Exposure Lamp has turned ON
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