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MX7600 Error code B200 what is wrong

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Post time: 2013-3-7 09:32:32 |Show all posts
MX7600 Error code B200  what is wrong?
Optional Information:
Make: Cannon
Model: Mx7600
Already Tried:
Error code B200.

Post time: 2013-3-7 10:46:07 |Show all posts

Welcome to yahoo. My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXX and I will be assisting you with your problem today.
Error B200 on Canon printers is a print head error. The print head is what the cartridges sit in inside of the printer. To attempt to resolve it, do the following:
(1) Open the printer and wait for the carriage to slide over
(2) Remove the ink cartridges from the print head.
(3) Use cotton swabs dipped in hot water to thoroughly clean the print head and each ink cartridge.
(4) Repeat this until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab.
(5) Once finished, allow to dry and replace the cartridges
(6) Try to print something now
If that does not work then you have one of two possibilities:
(1) One of the ink cartridges is defective and causing the error
(2) If it's definitely not that, then the print head will need to be replaced.
Thanks and please click the green ACCEPT button if you are satisfied with my answer.
Pint head will not move from the stored position when opened
Unplug the printer and slide it over manually.
OK that worked .. now Do I take each color out or is there a way to take the complete assembly out.
Take all of the ink cartridges out
OK  thanks i will do that ..  
and if that does not work ?   send it in for repair?
you can remove the printhead as well once they are out
If that doesn't work you would need a new printhead
is that easy to replace ?
You can get that from Canon direct and install it yourself
great ..
thanks  sounds like a project for later ..
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