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MPC6000 - SC441 error, ITB belt.

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Post time: 2010-11-21 13:55:49 |Show all posts
Hey guys - just looking for a few opinions.
In the last 2 weeks we've had 3 ITB belts lose their rear rubber tread or drive - its the rubber band thats glued to the rear edge. It seems to come unglued and it wraps itself around the far left roller of the ITB unit (once it wrapped around the cyan PCU). It then stalls the ITB motor and brings up SC441.
All 3 were under their PM life, and one was actually a replacement for the first to go so it was only about a week old. I cant keep changing these like this - gets too expensive!
I cant see any damage that would cause these to break but it seems like its too much of a coincidence to be just wear and tear.
I read the manual on installing these as I wonderd if I missed something - there is nothing special or obvious there, just common sense stuff like check the rubber drives are either side of the rollers.
So, is this a common problem or just wear and tear, or maybe I have a bad batch of belts? Also, are there any tricks I should know about when fitting them that isn't in the manual?
Thanks heaps for any info - its really appreciated!

Post time: 2010-12-5 20:51:56 |Show all posts
All sorted - didnt put the encoder bracket over the top of the belt.....
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