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LaserJet 2200DTN Won't Print/Can't Be Found Except by 1

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Post time: 2006-10-2 17:58:58 |Show all posts
We have a small LAN that is using a LaserJet 2200DTN, network install (not a shared printer on a workstation).  They have been able to print without fail until today.  With the exception of one workstation, no one can print.  The event log shows that the print job is causing a W32 error.  We have rebooted the printer and the server but still cannot print.  We attempted to reload the software but it's trying to find the printer on the network and it's failing.  We've already swapped out the CAT5 cable (not that this was a problem since the one workstation could print) and deleted the printers for a clean install but now can't get it back online.  What would cause this and how do we get it installed again?

Post time: 2006-10-3 06:58:13 |Show all posts
The network is not setup for DHCP so my guess is that during the install process, one was assigned.  However, I cannot find any documentation on what it would be.
We have hard rebooted the printer as well as the entire network (assuming an IP problem) and neither brought the machine back online.  Since the machine is three hours away, I can't play with it to see how to restore it to factory settings.

Post time: 2006-10-3 05:28:35 |Show all posts
Do you know if you've assigned it an IP address, or is it using DHCP to get an address?  If it's DHCP, it's address can change.  
Do you have HP Web Jetadmin installed.  It may be able to find the printer for you.  That may be the best bet.
Also, have you done a hard reboot on the machine.  That sets all parameters back to default values.  This should be a last resort.  Don't know how to do it on that machine myself, but most have some sequence.

Post time: 2006-10-3 04:08:16 |Show all posts
We had deleted the printer in the hopes of reinstalling but we can now no longer see it anywhere since it won't reinstall.

Post time: 2006-10-3 02:43:21 |Show all posts
Can you check what address the working PC is sending to, and check that it matches the other PC's, and that you can ping that address.

Post time: 2006-10-3 01:18:46 |Show all posts
The Selt Test page is all that came out and states that it is also the configuration page (Self Test/Configuration).  We are running this printer on a Windows Server 2000 network with W2K workstations.

Post time: 2006-10-2 23:55:07 |Show all posts
What is your operating system?

Post time: 2006-10-2 22:18:10 |Show all posts
Did you print a configuration page?

Post time: 2006-10-2 21:13:41 |Show all posts
We printed out a Self Test page and it only printed one page, no IP or hardware address listed.  I was told that this means the NIC in the Jet Direct is probably going bad (since we verified the cables/switch/port/pathc panel) but that doesn't explain why one person was able to continue to print.  We tried an IPCONFIG release and renew and nothing was found.

Post time: 2006-10-2 19:57:51 |Show all posts
Better start with the basics.
- Print out a configuration page and verify the IP address matches where the computers think it is.
- Ping the IP address and make sure it responds properly.
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