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LJ4300 Overlapping Print

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Post time: 2010-1-31 00:51:43 |Show all posts
hopefully someone has seen this before and can steer me in the right direction. Scenario - 1 x HP LJ4300dtn, using 620n JD card via Ethernet - approx 8 client PC's.
Printer is printing overlapping print (as if font chosen was size 16, although it's only size 12 spacing), most noticeable in excel docs, sometimes not printing the vertical part of text boxes. Seems to be stuck on 1 font, although i had mixed success with printing in other fonts. Config pages, menu maps etc. all come out perfectly, just seems that user data is a bit garbled...
Steps taken so far:
**Reseated JD card (only detects every 3-4 reseats - definately suspect, but it is a 620n, they are supposedly more reliable then 610's and 615's..)
**Update firmware for JD card and Formatter - no difference.
**Reseated Simms/Dimms on formatter.
**All clients printing same way (so i assume not a driver issue)
Unfortunately I did not have the possibilty of testing the printer via parallel port (to exclude JD card)
I am hoping someone has seen this before, I suspected the formatter initially, but the JD card had the issue of not detecting until the 4th reseat - does anyone know?has seen this issue due to a faulty JD card?
PS - I wish i had another JD card to test, but this is not the case)...
Thanks in advance....

Post time: 2010-1-31 01:27:24 |Show all posts
Looks like this instance is the JD card after all. I returned to the site and printed via LPT1 and JD card from same PC (same driver) - issue was present continuosly when printing through JD card, but print was perfect through LPT1.
I'm going to replace the JD card, hopefully it's not going to be a multiple part fault because the formatter does make more sense as the cause of this issue...
Thanks for taking the time to respond Gary..

Post time: 2010-1-31 01:09:07 |Show all posts
This sounds like a formatter issue, rather than jetdirect. If the formatter has an issue that could stop the JD being seen.
Try performing a cold reset (remember to remove jetdirect first so you dont lose your network settings). Sometimes formatting issues get locked up in the formatter and a cold reset (not cold boot) which sets the printer back to factory setup clears them.
If you have another 4300 you could also try this formatter in it, to see if issue follows the suspect formatter.
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