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JDF from Preps to Nexus PDF Workflow

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Post time: 2013-3-5 18:21:21 |Show all posts
We just upgraded to a pdf workflow, and have have a few issues, one of which:
Sometimes, when we output a jdf from Preps using color mapping, and only want to output one out of several colors from the file, it will still print some (not all) of the colors.
Example: File has six colors. We print the jdf out of preps, only making sure that "Spot Color X" is checked. Then we drop the jdf into our Nexus workflow in order to output an HP of that imposition, and then release the 1-bit tiffs. In the workflow, the HP file will print two colors: Black, Spot Color X. It also writes the 1-bit tiff file for both colors. But because the HP shows both colors, we need this issue resolved.
One such file we tested over and over again, and it seemed like eliminating the gradient overprint from an Illustrator CS5 file made us able to process the file with only the single Spot Color. But is this an Illustrator CS5 issue, a Preps issue, or an Esko issue?
I'd love to say the Nexus support people have been helpful, but I'd be lying through my teeth.

Post time: 2013-3-5 23:10:21 |Show all posts
You can exclude colors from being output in the rasterize seps module. If you are using shuttle you may want to set this parameter in a nexml so you can set the output colors when you drop in the jdf.

Post time: 2013-3-5 21:46:56 |Show all posts
I'm not sure I completely understand.
I know there is a "PDF PREPRESS" module where colors can be mapped in the workflow after submitting the JDF, however we did not purchase that. Why on earth we would upgrade to a PDF workflow and NOT be able to utilize this is beyond me.

Post time: 2013-3-5 20:00:40 |Show all posts
I have seen this problem with Dynastrip, you can't control the colors coming from JDF. While your problem sounds a bit different, you can use the same solution that we use.
In our JDF2PDF workflow, we made a public parameter for the RIP in the Include Separations option. This way when we submit the JDF, it will ask what color(s) to output. If you do this, you can use the same JDF with all separations in it over and over and just output the ones you wish. You can also do the opposite and make the colors to exclude a public parameter.
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