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I have a Kodak ESP 7250, with a printhead carriage jam (3527)

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Post time: 2012-5-5 05:55:55 |Show all posts
I have a Kodak ESP 7250, with a printhead carriage jam (3527) error. The carriage is under the left side of the top deck. The ink cartridges are locked in properly, and there is nothing obvious blocking the carriage. I've vacuumed it, and blown it out. The printer has been turned off and on several times, to no avail, it sounds like the drive belt is slipping on the cogs.   
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Post time: 2012-5-5 07:32:01 |Show all posts
Optional Information:
Make: Kodak
Model: ESP 7250
What have you tried so far?: Move the carriage manualyTurn off and onInspectwith light and mirrorClean with air and vacuum
Hi, This is Michelle and i will be assisting you
please check the printhead carriage area for any paper, tape, or other obstructions and if found remopve it
Lift the printer access door, then remove the ink cartridges from the printhead.Insert the black ink cartridge into the printhead, then press down firmly until you hear it click into position Insert the color ink cartridge into the printhead, then press down firmly until you hear it click into position
Close the printer access door.Press OK to clear the error.Make a print let me now if error goes off or not
Please read what I've already done.
yes i see slided the carriage that you have done a vaccum and carriage slide
as per steps i want you to reseat cartridges and then press ok button on error screen
need to know that with this sequence does error go off or not
The carriage will not move manualy, and it's parked under the left hand cover and I can't get to the ink carrridges.
ok..turn off and then try moving the carriage
does it move or stays parked
It stays parked.
it seems to be something that is causing a mechanical jam
please turn off printer and unplug power cord
now lift the printer upside down and shake a bit so if there is anything jamming that might get dislodged
then turn on printer and check if there is any difference
Nothing came out, and the original problem still persists
in that case this indicates an internal jam within the printer...a mechanical jam...
this would need the printer to be disassembled and each component to be manaullay examined and serviced to check where the jam is occouring and if there is any wear or tear, replacing that particular component might also be done
if within warranty you may get it serviced through kodak else through any local printer repair store
let me know if you have any questions
"Please rate the chat positively if the information you got from me was helpful; else in case the above information was not helpful,instead of rating bad or poor please let me know so that i may assist you further on the issue. In case of hardware failure i can tell you what is the fault. i would appreciate if you would rate my answer to this question considering that in case of hardware faults i can tell tell the fault but cannot make a bad part work again".
I was hoping to get a little more technical assistance. I'm a industrial electricial / electronic technition, with 42 years of experiance. can someone give me some help dissasembling this thing, short of breaking plastic
well i would advice getting it done through a repair tech and the only reason for this is that there are various sensors and while disaassembly if nayone gets damaged, a replacement of sensor would cost you as much a buying in a new printer
Thanks! It's been nice talking to you. Have a good day!
thanks for your understanding
thanks for choosing just answer
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