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HP722C - not printing blue and green

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Post time: 2010-1-30 11:31:30 |Show all posts
I have a Deskjet HP722C that is not printing blue and green on a XP system. All my color prints are a shade of red/pink. I have replaced the color cartridge. Also the documents print fine when using black. I have done a "clean catridge" several times. It has been suggested to me that the inkjets are stopped up, if this is true, how do i clean them? I have also gone back to my Win Me bootup and still the same problem. Any suggestions are appreciated including suggesting other forums to post this question. Thx.
- Dave

Post time: 2010-1-30 11:52:46 |Show all posts
Dave ...did you cure the problem - my printer is playing up too - model 640C - similar model .

Post time: 2010-1-30 11:45:50 |Show all posts
Try the self-test for your printer -
If this does not match the dots on the cartridge, you have either a bad cartridge or printer. You can get bad cartridges out-of-the-box.
If certain colors do not print but there is still ink in the cartridge, the nozzle is clogged. I have never used these but have heard users who unclogged nozzles by sitting the cartridge is a saucer of water for several minutes. Also have heard reports of cleaning the nozzle ports with a q-tip dipped in alchol. Neither of these is "school" approved but probably worth trying before you discard a cartridge.
Good luck.
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