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HP Photosmart C6180 Ink System Failure

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Post time: 2010-1-31 03:46:48 |Show all posts
I am posting this in the hopes that it may help other lost lambs like myself as I was unable to find this answer on my own searching the web.
For the past couple of days, my happy little HP 6180 Printer has been asking for new yellow juice. I finally got the chance to go pick up a new cartridge and much to my dismay, when I installed it, I got a message saying Ink System Failure... something something... refer to documentation.
Well, the documentation had no references to this kind of error. I tried everything the website suggested, unplugging it, taking out the ink cartridges, starting the whole thing up and reinstalling and the error just appeared again and again.
I looked online and was dismayed to find that people said that they had gotten refurbished models sent to them because they couldn't get tech support at HP to help them... OR that they were charged big bucks for tech support.
My husband took over at that point (I am normally the geek but it was a long day) he got online with a tech support person and she talked him through fixing it. It works great once again!!!
Here is the content of the chat, hopefully it helps you too! Christina is the tech support person.
Christina: Let us perform some steps to isolate the issue and find a fix for it.
Christina: Please perform the following steps and let me know the message that will be displayed on the printer.
Christina: A. - Press and hold the “*” key.
B. - Press the “#” key and release both keys.
Display should say “Enter Special Key Combo”
C. - Press and release in sequence the “1”, “2” and “3” buttons.
CustomerName: ok
CustomerName: screen says "support" R0631M
Christina: Fine.
Christina: 2. Press and release the right arrow button until the display says “System Configuration Menu”.
Christina: 3. Press and release the “OK” button.
Christina: 4. Display should say “Hardware failure status”. If not there already, Arrow Key over to “Hardware failure status”,
Christina: 5. Press and release the “OK” button.
Christina: 6. Display should say “Hardware failure status: Clear. Press OK to clear”.
CustomerName: yup
Christina: 7. Press and release the “OK” Button. Message changes to “Hardware failure status Cleared. Press Cancel to continue”.
CustomerName: ok
Christina: 8. Press and release the “CANCEL” button as many times as necessary, so that, either the “Welcome to Photosmart Express” screen appears, or, the “Ink System Failure” screen appears. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PRINT AT THIS STAGE.
CustomerName: ok
Christina: 9. Using the Power Button, turn the unit OFF and unplug the power cable from back of the printer and wall outlet.
CustomerName: done
Christina: Fine.
Christina: 10. Wait 30 seconds for the power to get discharged and then plug the power cable into the wall outlet first and then into the back of the printer
CustomerName: done
Christina: 11. Turn the unit on. The printer may display message “USE POWER BUTTON TO SHUTDOWN THE PRINTER” followed by “PRESS OK TO CONTINUE”. Press OK. The Printer will start the “ONE TIME INK INITIALIZATION PROCESS”. Allow this process to complete and do not interrupt. Once the initialization process is complete, the printer will print out a Diagnostic Page.
CustomerName: made a buncha noise, and it didn't print a diagnostic page
Christina: Good.
Christina: Is the error message still being displayed on the printer?
CustomerName: nope
Christina: Good.
CustomerName: should I try to print something?
Christina: Let us print a self test page to check the functionality of the printer.
Christina: Press Setup menu on the All-in-One then scroll using the arrow key and select Print Report then select Self Test Report.

Post time: 2010-1-31 08:12:13 |Show all posts
My printer did the same thing and as I was on hold (for 30 minutes) for HP technical service, I was searching google for this problem and came across this site; however, in the meantime, HP answered and since the error message on my printer was Error: Oxc05d0281, it meant hardware failure and HP is replacing my photosmar C6180 all in one free of charge. HP is fed-exing me a new printer within 10 days

Post time: 2010-1-31 08:03:48 |Show all posts
You guys just saved me $400 . I was getting a yellow ink cartridge empty error. I did have to purchase about 3 yellow cartridges before I found this thread. I had no success with HP Tech. They told me I could get a new printer. This is the second HP that died on me. I wish I new of this site before I trashed my old D145. This is the second time this has happened right after the warranty expired. As a lawyer, I smell Class Action!!!

Post time: 2010-1-31 07:23:56 |Show all posts
Just an update - I have now had two system failures and was able to run the fix on it for the second time. ***I also was able to use my back up "New" but "old" 02 ink set that I reset the first time with. After I fixed the ink failure the first time with the Fresh new 02 Ink cartridges -I pulled them out to save for another ink failure down the road. I went back to my refilled set and back up and printing. The fix seems to work more then once thus far! Lets see if I can get a third fix in a row lol!

Post time: 2010-1-31 07:04:34 |Show all posts
Thank you so much for this information. I had exactly the same thing happen, obviously there is something wrong with this printer when the yellow ink needs to be replaced.
I followed your information and I am back printing again.
Thanks again,

Post time: 2010-1-31 06:04:55 |Show all posts
I just had the same problem with my 6180 and it went back to the error message after it printed just 1 page. I have a 3210 that has the same ink system problem but I was able to fix that by installing a new set of 02 ink catrages while reseting to factory defaults and starting a new ink purge. I refill my ink cartrages. I think the ink system problem mostly has to do with air purging from the cartages. BUT when you reinstall a set of NEW ink cartrages it must allow the purge of the air. I just tryed a new set of ink catrages with this fix and I have it up a running now. So try running the fix again and when you shut down the system and pull the plug reinstall a fresh set of 02 ink. Then turn it back on and let it run its default ink purge. Hope this helps -I saved now 2 printers and lots of ink!

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:40:50 |Show all posts
Just remember the reset that you posted is 1 time only. If you receive the ink system failure after that. The printer has to be replaced, you cannot do another reset like that again. And it's only for specific Ox errors not all of them, so instead of trying to wreck the printer by doing this reset, call HP or do online support and they will help you. There is documentation on different 0x errors and different resets available.

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:19:11 |Show all posts
Hi everyone,
I was grateful to find this thread, too, and hoped it would resolve yet another in a long line of ink system failures on this printer. But, no luck.
The error I got was: 0xc05d1281
So, I did a chat session myself with HP and what finally worked was to reset to the factory defaults. There is a power down/key sequence that does this, and after that, everything's working again. The tech. support person said that now that we've reset these factory defaults, I shouldn't get the error again.
Here's the link for support (I don't want to tell you how to do it the wrong way) - just ask if they can directly take you to 'resetting factory defaults' - it was pretty quick!

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:17:13 |Show all posts
Egizianos ,thank you for the post about the conversation with HP to fix
HP Photosmart C6180 Ink System Failure.
it cleared my ink system failure Oxc0160.a great thing since i thought the
printer was finished.it wouldn't do anything.
the first thing i did was the printer self report test,it failed.only one
yellow block showed up.
then i ran the clean printhead,3 yellow blocks showed up.no other colors.
then i did an align printer.it's all messed up.one yellow block,one pink.
new message"print cartridge alignment failed".
i guess i have to keep messing with it,until it works again.
this happened after i used replacement ink.how does the dumb machine
know it's not HP ink?
i got one real cartridge and drilled a hole in it before i put it in the machine.
when it was running out,i used a dropper to fill it,WITHOUT taking the
cartridge out of the machine.this way i knew it wasn't a chip reset problem.
the message came up that i wasn't using HP ink.
so there must be something in the ink.
this machine has been a problem from about a month after i received it.
all i do is try to fix it,and hardly ever printed much out of it,because
i'm too busy diagnosing problems and fixing it.
i will call HP yet again to curse them out,and call them corporate pigs.
calling them for help or anything else is useless,and a waste of time.
thanks again so much!i really thought it was dead this time.

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:06:57 |Show all posts
OK, I have a question. Here's the section of the transcript:
Christina: 11. Turn the unit on. The printer may display message “USE POWER BUTTON TO SHUTDOWN THE PRINTER” followed by “PRESS OK TO CONTINUE”. Press OK. The Printer will start the “ONE TIME INK INITIALIZATION PROCESS”. Allow this process to complete and do not interrupt. Once the initialization process is complete, the printer will print out a Diagnostic Page.
CustomerName: made a buncha noise, and it didn't print a diagnostic page
Christina: Good.
the tech said it SHOULD print a diagnostic page, but it didn't. Isn't that a problem?

Post time: 2010-1-31 04:44:33 |Show all posts
This worked for me. My son was doing a project that was due the next morning in school. The printer failed and it was 9:30p.m. Ouch! Luckily my hero, husband, found this site and wam bam thank you mam we were up and running again. Thanks a bunch.
Question: We have been using refillable cartridges. I'm not sure if the others who are having this problem are using non HP ink cartridges. Do you think that is what caused this error or do you think it is just a problem HP customers are having across the board?
Much appeciated.
Viva Las Vegas

Post time: 2010-1-31 04:19:58 |Show all posts
I cannot tell you how great this entry was. I'm a lawyer and our printer got the same "ink system failure" message just as we were printing an appellate brief that HAD to be mailed today.
I found your archive using google, followed it, and got the printer working again.
You saved me. If you are ever in Shreveport, Louisiana, my firm will buy you dinner or lunch.
B. Denny
Shreveport LA

Post time: 2010-1-31 04:05:10 |Show all posts
Thanks Egizianos
How could anyone know that stuff without HP insider info. I'm going to archive the conversation.
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