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HP LaserJet M1522nf scan to folder

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Post time: 2010-3-9 11:25:08 |Show all posts
We have a HP LaserJet M1522nf and we want that everytime we scan, the document directly uploads to our server. Is that possible? I know that you can configure every singele computer with HP Solution Center, but we can't install that on every pc. With kind regards. Sander

Post time: 2012-3-17 02:15:09 |Show all posts
Hello friends
i have HP Laserjet M 1522nf multifunction printer. its connect to our network .
printer ,copier & fax working properly. But im unable to add scanner .
please any one can guide me . we have windows 7 OS .
i tried best of my knowledge . .   

Post time: 2012-2-15 23:08:45 |Show all posts
ขอdriver hp laserjet m1522nf scanner

Post time: 2011-8-8 09:18:18 |Show all posts
This HP LaserJEt M1522nf is multi-function printer. It is very good to use. Its also and connected via a wireless network to Tablet Laptop. It is very fast at scanning. It comes with drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Post time: 2011-1-6 03:34:35 |Show all posts
Windows 7 for hp laserjet 1522nf drivers all os full download
Easy come

Post time: 2010-3-9 17:27:15 |Show all posts
I'm affraid we may be out of luck.
After checking the 1522 User Guide I found this, "In order to use the Start Scan button, the product must be connected to a computer via USB or a network."
and this, "Scanning from the product control panel is only supported with a full software installation. HP ToolboxFX must be running to scan by using the Scan To button or the Start Scan button."
http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01100561/c01100561.pdf ~page 80 and 81.
If the only available computer that you can plug it into is a server, and there is no software for that server, then your only left with setting up a stand alone terminal with a network connection that has access to the shared drive.

Post time: 2010-3-9 16:59:19 |Show all posts
i tried to connect the printer/scanner to our server.. but there is Windows Server 2008 operating system on it. and there is no software for that new version of windows.

Post time: 2010-3-9 16:51:17 |Show all posts
i've a mapped networkdrive Z: that goes to \\server\data\scans
when i save that to the allinone and put the usb cable out my machine, and choose scan to -> server (thats how i called it) then it says disconnected

Post time: 2010-3-9 16:50:07 |Show all posts
Choose to Save it to your Computer.
Click next until you get to the default directory screen. Click Browse and minimize your C:/ Drive. You should see all of the mapped network drives on your PC in this list.
From here you can choose your shared network drive as the default directory. Highlight the folder and click OK.
Now your 1522 will be configured to scan to that shared folder. Disconnect it from your PC and put it back on the network. Test scanning and see if it can complete the transaction.

Post time: 2010-3-9 16:10:03 |Show all posts
oke i'm a little bit furder. I've installed the scanner/printer by usb and indeed i can see the 3 destination you've mentioned. when i create a new one i've 3 options:
- save it to my computer
- attach it to a new e-mail
- open it up in another software application
when i select save it to my computer, i can only select a map on the computer that is connected by usb. i cant select the network.
i want to save the scan on our server on the network, in this case my computer must always be connected to the printer/scanner.

Post time: 2010-3-9 16:05:28 |Show all posts
After you configure the device on a USB connection you should be able to put it back on the network and access those options directly on the machine.

Post time: 2010-3-9 15:26:14 |Show all posts
You will have to have the device physically connected via USB in order for my instructions to work.
This means that you should also have installed the device as a USB install on your PC, not a network install. You will have to reinstall your software unless you specifically chose this option when installing the Windows Full Solutions AP. Otherwise you will get hardware wizards when you plug in the device and have to navigate through that mess.
The software cant read the destinations because that functionality is not supported over the network.

Post time: 2010-3-9 14:33:28 |Show all posts
i've deinstalled the driver on my pc (windows xp) and downloaded the "HP LaserJet M1522/M1552nf Series Printers - Windows Full Solutions, AP". Then i've started the setup and installed the scanner/printer by searching the network. the setup found the machine and installed it perfect. When i start the scan-utility and click on setup - change the destinations that show up in the Scan Menu on the product control panel - allow me to scan by choosing a destination in the Scan Menu on the product control panel, it gives an error and say: Failed to read the current destinations from the all-in-one. Please make sure the all-in-one is connected and powered on before re-trying.

Post time: 2010-3-9 13:46:46 |Show all posts
Sander, (sorry for calling you scott)
After checking out the User Guide I feel more confident that you cant manage the scan software from the server.
I suggest that you set up a temporary terminal with a USB connection (or bring it over to your desk after hours). You will want the terminal to have the shared drive mapped to it so that you can find it during the scan setup wizard. Install the printer as a USB connection. Then you can get into the scan wizard I mentioned from my previous steps. Once you set up or modify an existing destination make sure that it is sent to the 1522.
Your users should then be able to access your shared scan folder by using the <Scan To> button.
Here are the directions from the User Guide for destinations:
Set up the product Scan To button
Destinations must be set up prior to using the Scan To button on the control panel. Use HP LaserJet Scan to program the folder, e-mail, and program destinations for scanning.
Set up destinations on the product
1. Click Start, click Programs (or All Programs in Windows XP), click HP, click the product, click Scan, and then click Setup.
2. Select Change the destinations that show up on the all-in-one control panel.
3. Select Allow me to scan by pressing the scan-to button on the MFP.
4. The product is pre-configured with the following three destinations in the dialog box.
Scan a document and attach it to an e-mail
Scan a photo and attach it to an e-mail
Scan a document or photo and save it as a file
5. Highlight a destination and click the arrow to move to the destinations currently on the dialog box. Repeat for all three destinations.
6. Click Update.
Good luck!

Post time: 2010-3-9 13:05:34 |Show all posts
We are using the network installation. Is there a program that we can install on our server that manage the scans and save them to our server?

Post time: 2010-3-9 12:07:17 |Show all posts
Are you using a network or USB install for your 1522?
If your 1522 is connected via USB to a terminal then you should be able to map a network drive to the terminal, then choose the default directory through Start > Programs > HP > 1522 > Scan > Setup.
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