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HP LaserJet 4050N set up using IP *SUCCESSFUL step-by-step guide*

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Post time: 2010-3-8 09:32:36 |Show all posts
I have had sooo many difficulties in attempting to set up my HP LaserJet 4050N using an IP address connected to my iMac via Ethernet… but tonight I have finally succeeded! So for the benefit of anyone else who is having difficulties here is a complete step-by-step guide to how I achieved it.
In ‘System Preferences’ in ‘Network’, I made sure that ‘Ethernet’ is set to the following:
‘Configure IPv4: Using DHCP’
Two numbers are given:
‘IP Address’ and ‘Subnet Mask’
(you might need to click ‘Renew DHCP Lease’ by clicking ‘Advanced’ and under ‘TCP/IP’ clicking ‘Renew DHCP Lease’)
Go to ‘Applications’ folder and click on ‘Utilities’ and open ‘Network Utility’. Click on the ‘Info’ tab and from the drop-down menu select ‘Ethernet’.
The ‘IP Address’ should be the same as that given in the ‘Network’ settings panel for the Ethernet port.
On my HP LaserJet 4050N I went through the following menus:
Click the green ‘GO’ button until the display reads ‘Offline’
Click ‘MENU’ 7 times or until ‘EIO 2 JETDIRECT MENU’ shows
Press ‘ITEM’ button until ‘CFG NETWORKJ=NO *’ is displayed
Press ‘VALUE’ button until value reads ‘YES’
Press ‘SELECT’
Press ‘ITEM’ button until ‘CFG TCP/IP=NO*’ is displayed
Press ‘VALUE’ button until value reads ‘YES’
Press ‘SELECT’
Press ‘ITEM’ button until ‘BOOTP=NO’ is displayed (or press ‘VALUE’ button until value reads ‘NO’ and then press ‘SELECT’)
Press ‘ITEM’ button until
‘IP BYTE 1=XXX’ is displayed and where I have put ‘XXX’ using the ‘VALUE’ button enter the first number of the ‘IP’ address given in ‘Network Utility’.
Repeat this procedure for ‘BYTE 2, 3 AND 4’ by using entering a value each time using the ‘VALUE’ button and then pressing ‘SELECT’ before finally moving onto the next ‘IP BYTE’ value using the ‘ITEM’ button.
After all of the ‘IP’ values have been entered pressing the ‘ITEM’ button will display ‘SM BYTE 1=XXX’ – this is the ‘Subnet Mask’ value. Follow the same process as for the ‘IP’ address and enter the values given in the ‘Ethernet’ pane in ‘Network’ under ‘System Preferences’.
After entering the final ‘Subnet Mask (SM)’ value (BYTE 4) press ‘SELECT’ and finally press the green ‘GO’ button.
As soon as the green ‘GO’ button has been pressed the ‘IP’ value in both ‘Network’ (under ‘System Preferences’) and ‘Network Utility’ (Applications/Utilities) will change to display a new ‘IP’ address. The ‘Subnet Mask’ value displayed in ‘Network’ (under ‘System Preference’s should display the same ‘Subnet Mask’ value).
Now close ‘Network Utility’.
Click on the ‘SHOW ALL’ tab in the open ‘NETWORK’ window.
Click on ‘Print
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