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Post time: 2012-11-30 12:54:57 |Show all posts
--Canon Pixma iP2700 USB 20 Color InkJet Photo Printer

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There are pieces of paper stock on the sensor, when the paper jam happened then you pull out the paper did you get the whole page of thepaper or have missing pieces? open the paper guide, turn off and on theprinter and observe the unusual objects in the roller, this error iscaused by objects in the sensor.

Post time: 2012-12-3 10:37:33 |Show all posts
give this a try
Turn off the printer.Remove any paper trays. Inspect them for wrinkled or damaged paper.Also open the back cover of the printer if this model has one.Open any other doors that give access to the printer's paper path and to the toner or ink cartridge.If necessary, remove the toner or ink cartridge. Place it away from light/ sun light to avoid damaging it.If you find a piece of jammed paper, remove it byholding it with both hands and pulling firmly. The goal is to keep thepaper from tearing. If several pieces are jammed together, try pullingout the middle piece first to loosen the jam.If the paper does tear, try rotating the roller gears manually to free the paper. Don't force anything, though. Dothis step especially if the jam message comes up repeatedly without anyobvious paper jam, there may be a small tear of paper inside.Ones the printer is free of paper Replace the toner orink cartridge and paper trays, close any doors you opened and turn theprinter back on.If the printer paper jam message still appears, then there is still some paper in the printer. Reinspect the paper path.see alternative if the problem is still not solved.
alternative :
Loada piece of thick paper, for example photo paper and press the resumebutton (may be diffrent button on diffrent models) a few times to theprinter picks up the paper and puts it through the machine.

Post time: 2012-12-1 13:37:44 |Show all posts
I had the same problem and found a small coin in the back feeder. Remove the back coverplate and tip the machine onto its back and give it a good shake. You might be surprised at what falls out.
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