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FS-1118MFP error code C3200

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Post time: 2010-9-25 08:06:25 |Show all posts
doe's anyone know what error code C3200 is on the Kyocera FS-1118MFP?
when i scan for copy or fax, just sometimes it is stuck, and i get this code.
is it the feeder or the scaner?
thanks for your assistance.

Post time: 2010-12-5 18:47:00 |Show all posts
Hi All.
I've cleaned the optics and the error stoped.
In addition, I've set U087 to no.
On two machines, the error didn't repeat at all.
Have a great week...

Post time: 2010-11-21 11:50:53 |Show all posts
Thanks Rune for the info.
What you wrote is very logical, but the service manager i talked to said several times that it should be 078. I'm going to try and type 078 on a machine and see what I get.
I'll update here.

Post time: 2010-11-7 04:54:46 |Show all posts
There is no service mode U078 but I think that it is U074
U074 Adjusting the DP input light luminosity
Adjusts the luminosity of the exposure lamp for scanning originals from the DP.PurposeUsed if the exposure amount differs significantly between when scanning an original on the contact glass and
when scanning an original from the DP.
MethodPress the enter key.Setting1. Change the setting using the left/right cursor keys.Display Description Setting range Initial settingAdjust Data DP input light luminosity 0 to 8 1
Increasing the setting makes the luminosity higher, and decreasing it makes the luminosity lower.
2. Press the enter key. The value is set.
Test print modeWhile this maintenance item is being performed, copying from an original can be made in test print mode.
1. Press the system menu/counter key. The machine enters the test print mode.
2. Set the original and press the start key.
* The test printing, however, cannot be stopped until the preset number of sheets is printed.
3. To return to the indication for setting, press the system menu/counter key.
CompletionPress the back key. The indication for selecting a maintenance item No. appears.

Post time: 2010-10-23 21:58:39 |Show all posts
Thank you Blackcat for your assistance and info.
i've checked and found that if i try to scan when the top of the scanner (with the glass) if off, i get this error code. in this case the lamp is under the calibration white strip, so when there is no reflection this error is presented.
i saw that the optics are dirty and cleaning it solved the problem.
I talked to a service manager of a large firm in Israel, and he told me that cleaning the optics is what they usualy do to solve it, and in addition, they type in the service mode code U078 to reset it.
I don't have the service manual, so I don't know what it code 078.
thanks again

Post time: 2010-10-9 15:02:32 |Show all posts
C3200 is an exposure lamp problem. The simplest explanation would be a bad exposure lamp or inverter. More exotic, but still possible, is very cold environment, dirty AC power, a bad CCD, or a bad main PCB.
I'd address them in that order.
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