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E000025-0003 error code

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E000025-0003 error code
--Canon imageRUNNER iR C2880 Color Copier

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there is a toner feed motor over currente detection error, there is a toner botle motor connection detection error.
1- check the connector for any fault in connection.
2- replace the motor

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1) Are the connection and the cable of the connector (J1017) on the main controller PCB and the connector (J1551) on the hard disk drive normal? NO: Correct the cable connection.Hard disk drive (HDD), Main controller PCB
2) Try replacing the hard disk drive and downloading the system software.Is the problem corrected?
YES: End. NO: Replace the main controller PCB.
3) HDD unit.
Remove the rear upper cover and the reader rear cover. Remove the three screws, and detach the cover, Remove the two screws and disconnect the two connectors then, remove the HDD unit. Remove the six screws and detach the HDD When mounting the HDD unit,be sure that the flat cable is under the plastic sheet of the HDD upper case.
Solution 1# :
It can be a Sector Problem ,to resolve it just press 1&9 keys at the same time the machine started the HD Diagonose and it repared the sector error without replacing the HDD .
Solution 2# :
try to go in to disc check service mode to clear the sectors ,this should work if it doesnt you will need to replace the hard drive .
Solution 3# :
Try HD clear & then HD check for every sector in service mode. Then try to upgrade system software;If nothing works change hard disk ,format & install system software.Posted byKuyungat5:50 AM

Labels:error code 602-0003 IR5000,error code 602-0003 IR6000

Post time: 2012-9-19 22:43:38 |Show all posts
You should look at the 4 sensors behind the grey front plate, behind the front door, toner fall from hopper assembly on it and cause these codes ( each color cause a different code ), you should order a modified cable guide that protect sensors from toner and replace it after cleaning these sensors.
If the error code still appear you should change the toner supply motor ( each color have a different code ) or the PCB relay Kit  (if i remember well you should also verify somme connectors on this PCB that can cause this problem)
Regards Mug71.

Post time: 2012-9-19 21:17:04 |Show all posts
yo BUZ,
Open the front door.You will see a cosmetic cover that sits below the toner catridges and has stickers that give you those generic pictures on how to change the toner. You need to remove it by removing 3 screws. 2 you can see easily and the 3rd is underneath and you will just have to use your common sense to determine the the third screw that will allow you to remove that cover. This will require removal of the waste toner bottle. Once you have removed the cover you will see a buttload of toner in there. This toner has clogged up a sensor or 2 and the sensors use a beam of ultrviolet lite to have a clear line of site to work. Use a can of air and just go nuts spraying everything . If you look closely you will see where the toner has migrated, Just blow the hell out of it, and hold your breath.The sensors that monitor the turning of the augers that provider addtional toner as needed to replenish the toner supply can't see the auger moving since they are covered with toner. You will figure it out and you see all that **** toner. You can actually remove the sensors and clean them. But a huge blast thru that entire area with do it
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