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Do laser printers require special paper?

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Post time: 2010-2-18 02:52:34 |Show all posts
-i was under the impression that laser printers (such as those typically used at businesses and schools) required some kind of 'special' paper. Is this true, or can a laser printer print on any given peice of paper?

Post time: 2010-2-18 09:26:07 |Show all posts
Any printer paper will do. I got 13,000 sheets from HP for $18.

Post time: 2010-2-18 09:11:45 |Show all posts
Paper is the same no matter what. What the difference between laser printers and other printers is that ink jet printers use liquid ink. Laser printers use power and a laser will burn it (heating element) into the paper.
Therefore, no special paper required.

Post time: 2010-2-18 08:58:59 |Show all posts
No. We use regular paper here at the office. Nothing special.
Source(s): General Experience

Post time: 2010-2-18 08:24:42 |Show all posts
No laser printers don't require special paper. You just need to put in a blank piece of paper don't put lined paper too often you can though. I have a laser printer myself too.

Post time: 2010-2-18 07:26:36 |Show all posts
No they cannot.
Laser printer require a fine finish which is luckily found on pretty much all printer paper. You will want to look for something designed for laser. It is cheap and readily available.

Post time: 2010-2-18 06:39:07 |Show all posts
Not really. Although the quality may suffer a bit, you can pretty much use any paper at all. Keep in mind that printers and copiers use the same print engines and therefore can use the same paper.

Post time: 2010-2-18 05:58:02 |Show all posts
No. Any paper will work (although if you believe printer manufacturers, their own paper is 'tuned' to work the best with their printers).

Post time: 2010-2-18 05:35:40 |Show all posts
No. Laser printers can print with regular paper.

Post time: 2010-2-18 04:25:04 |Show all posts
Missing information are you asking about a COLOUR or BLACK/White Laser printer.
Both printers you can use normal bond paper. If you use normal bond paper in a colour laser the colour tends to be weak and dull. This is due to the fact that ink bleeds to a certain degree and bond paper absorbs the ink. In colour laser printers bond paper tends to cause more paper jams because the paper reacts to the heat and fuser silicone that is use to seal the toner to the paper.
It is highly recommended for quality prints and optimum operation in colour laser to use smooth laser paper. This paper has a smooth finish that is treated to handle the ink bleed and fuser heat/silicone to produce quality prints.
I hope this information is helpful.
Source(s): Work experience Print Technician

Post time: 2010-2-18 04:06:38 |Show all posts
No. Just buy any type of plain paper.

Post time: 2010-2-18 03:35:58 |Show all posts
Nope, they can use regular paper like any other printer, you can get special laser jet paper which is designed for the laser jet so it gives a better quality print but otherwise go with the normal paper. Works just as well

Post time: 2010-2-18 03:15:04 |Show all posts
You do need laser printer paper. But most paper is for laser printers.
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