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Dell 1320C has faded black printing - very light grey.,Replaced toner

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Post time: 2012-12-29 07:01:27 |Show all posts
Dell 1320C has faded black printing - very light grey. Replaced toner cartridges - no change
--Dell 1320c Laser Printer

Post time: 2013-1-7 05:29:49 |Show all posts
I have to ask this question of you, just to make sure this is not an issue.  Are you using a factory new ink or toner cartridge?
Please consider the following:
If you are using a refilled or third party cartridges that may well be your problem.  Most manufacturers build logic into their products to prevent the use of “Other Equipment Manufactured” cartridges as well as re-filled cartridges.
They do this to prevent problems from contaminated inks or toner causing problems with print quality or damaging the physical printhead or photo conductors.
If you are using factory new ink or toner cartridges, then please call the manufacturer’s Technical Support for assistance with the warranty on the cartridges

Post time: 2013-1-4 07:21:35 |Show all posts
On page 30 of the 1320c manual it says this signifies the coming end of the PHD (print head device). I cannot find a part number or reference to the PHD on the Dell web site pages connected with this printer

Post time: 2013-1-1 10:47:22 |Show all posts
This isn't a fault with the printer, IT IS A FAULT WITH THE WAY IT HAS BEEN SET UP!
The problem is, not all of the tabs have been removed from the PHD unit inside. In order to remove these, you need to open the front cover of the printer, move the four tabs 90 degrees and pull the whole PHD out. You will then see the four yellow tags on the side.
Having printed with the tags in means the PHD has been potentally damaged. If you're lucky, you'll get away with removing the tags now and it will return to normal after about 50 pages, it not then you'll need a new PHD. The reason the problem manifests itself with black first is because the black is the most commonly used colour.
For info on removing all the tags, see here:
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