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Color :LaserJet 5500DTN EIO Hard Disk Problem

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Post time: 2010-3-13 18:31:18 |Show all posts
Can anyone tell me whats the problem here and the cause of it:
Configuration Page
Device Information
Product Name: hp color LaserJet 5500
Printer Name: hp color LaserJet 5500
Printer Model: C9658A
Printer Serial Number: JPLH000163
Firmware Datecode: 20040609 04.018.3
Service ID: 14298
PS Wait Time-out: 300 seconds
Page Count 106270
Color Page Count: 66881
Installed Personalities and Options
PCL (20010402)
PCLXL (20010402)
POSTSCRIPT (20010402)
DIMM Slot 1: Side 1: 16 MB Flash
Side 2: 32 MB SDRAM
DIMM Slot 2: Side 1: 128 MB SDRAM
Side 2: Empty
DIMM Slot 3: Empty
DIMM Slot 4: Empty
DIMM Slot 5: Empty
EIO1: HP JetDirect J6057A
EIO2: Empty
EIO3: HP J6054B
DISK Storage: 18949 MB Capacity
Event Log
49 106270 68 8102 68.9 PERMANENT STORAGE FULL
48 106270 68 8002 68.8 PERMANENT STORAGE FULL
47 106270 68 8102 68.9 PERMANENT STORAGE FULL
46 106270 68 8002 68.8 PERMANENT STORAGE FULL
Any ideas.

Post time: 2010-3-13 22:26:47 |Show all posts
Well I change the ram with a 256MB one.
Thanks for your replies.

Post time: 2010-3-13 21:43:01 |Show all posts
Hi Stuart,
Memory DIMMs have always suffered from single bit errors over the last few years - noticeably more so during high sun-spot activity - it's quite often due to Alpha particles flipping the memory chips - more Alpha particles are produced during high sun-spot activity.
I guess the best way to go will be to install a new DIMM - I don't work for HP but DIMMs from cheap suppliers sometimes cause problems due to the clock speeds which are not as accurate as they pretend to be.

Post time: 2010-3-13 21:17:20 |Show all posts
sometimes the machine reads the memory to 32mb then throws a 58 error.
DIMM slot then taken out and put back on again it clears it but it comes back a while after.
Could it be the summer heat?

Post time: 2010-3-13 20:59:08 |Show all posts
Hi Stuart,
If the event log is showing problems with a memory DIMM then it is possible this may be the cause - the firmware is loaded into memory to run.
As I mentioned in a separate reply the firmware is not the latest but I don't think this is the cause of your problem...

Post time: 2010-3-13 20:42:46 |Show all posts
prior to installing the hard drive the printer was working fine, it cant be the forrmatter.
however there has been 58 errors with the memory dimm in slot two after a few days of it being turned off.
I did a initialising of the hard drive and it cleared the error, however the memory keeps on mucking up, could it be the memory dimm.
Could I need to upgrade the firmware.

Post time: 2010-3-13 19:59:14 |Show all posts
Firmware - your config page shows June 2004 - the latest on the HP website is June 2005 but I don't think this is related to your problem.

Post time: 2010-3-13 19:57:47 |Show all posts
Attachement is 347693.pdf  Hi Stuart,
The errors shown - 68.8 & 68.9 don't show in my service guide so the problem could either be the NVRAM on the formatter or the hard drive - see the attached for doing a cold reset (for the formatter NVRAM) or Initialising the hard drive - it is not recommended to actually initialise the NVRAM as this will blow away the page counts and serial number etc. - try the cold reset first and if the problem is still there - make a note of the details from the config page - try the NVRAM reset - you will need to get into the service menu after to put the page counts and serial number etc. back in.
The attached also shows procedure for initialising the hard drive.
If the problem still persists - try removing the hard drive (plugs into the formatter - not sure but probably the bottom EIO slot) - if the error is still there - I guess you have a toasted hard drive or the NVRAM on the formatter has gone faulty.
Let me know how it goes....

Post time: 2010-3-13 19:57:19 |Show all posts
does the firmware need a upgrade?

Post time: 2010-3-13 19:48:16 |Show all posts
what should i do?
i havent delt with eio drives till now.

Post time: 2010-3-13 19:09:36 |Show all posts
Hi Stuart,
Looking at the config page - I would say that either your hard drive is full or it's toasted....?
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