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Color LaserJet 3600N - Won't stop Calibrating

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Post time: 2010-3-12 17:02:47 |Show all posts
The first time I looked at this printer, the left black cartridge lock was broken. I managed to get it into place so the customer could use the printer and I ordered/received the part.
A couple of days later the customer called with a 50.2 Fuser Error - I tried another tester fuser and the printer came up although the prints weren't perfect.
Today I installed the new fuser and there is a new problem. The printer keeps calibrating and won't stop unless I disable cartridge check - when I print PQ Troubleshooting the black and yellow are not printing correctly and leave bands of streaks on both front and back - if I open the front door the belt is covered in bands of black and yellow toner.
All of the cartridge HV contacts are in place correctly. I have removed the covers and check all of the connections on the DC Controller. I have reseated the high voltage power supply a couple of times and the contacts seem to be lining up properly.
The event log shows the following errors:
54.0F.01, 54.0F.02, 52.0F.03
Also the cyan is out of alignment - to the left.
I have removed and reinstalled the HVPS on this series several times without any problem; could I have damaged this HVPS even though I had no problems removing and reinstalling it?
The forums I have looked at refer to a problem with density sensing and calibration - they end their suggestions with replacing the DC Controller.
I don’t want to throw a bunch of parts at this printer trying to troubleshoot it - I may have to put the fuser in stock (for several months) if I can't figure this out or the repair costs more than the customer is willing to spend.
Any ideas - I would love to hear from David Zuts on this one.

Post time: 2010-3-12 20:24:12 |Show all posts
Martin or David, please have a look at my letter below:
I thought I might do a follow up on what occurred when I replaced the temperature sensor. (Bear in mind I already replaced the dc controller). First of all I replaced all consumables at the same time, 4 new print cartridges, prior to the sensor replacement. and after the dc controller.
Something I have never seen before, Black and cyan 90 and 89% respectively. Magenta 17% and Yellow 13%. What on earth would make the yellow dump itself in this manner ? I even weighed out the cartridges , and there was a .5 to 1 oz difference at best bewteen any two of them.... I didnt do anything out of the ordinary where it comes to color printing, I dont do much of that at all.
Pages printed with black: 205
Cyan: 180
Magenta: 338
Yellow: 338
The control panel as well as the supply status, indicate that both of the last two need replacement soon. Both were replaced on Dec 4th along with others.
Estimated page coverage, black does not need comparison.
Cyan 12.2% - pages remaining 1456
Magenta 49.1% - 69
Yellow 51.4% - 50
Other than defective, Ive never seen this before.
Now, heres the event log, AFTER replacing the sensor:
23 total event that took from 9:49 to 10:46 to complete (calibration)
54.05.02 Media sensor out of range
54.06 Density sensor out of range
54.14 CPR sensor abnormality
54.0F.00 CPR Sensor Out Of Range
54.0F.03 CPR Sensor Out Of Range
54.0F.02 CPR Sensor Out Of Range
54.0F.01 CPR sensor Out Of Range
54.05.01 Media sensor out of range
54.05.02 Media sensor out of range
54.05.01 Media sensor out of range
54.05.02 Media sensor out of range
54.06 Density sensor out of range
54.14 CPR sensor abnormality
54.0F.00 CPR sensor out of range
54.0F.03 CPR Sensor out of range
54.0F.02 CPR sensor out of range
54.0F.01 CPR sensor out of range
54.06 Density sensor out of range
54.14 CPR sensor abnormality
54.0F.00 CPR sensor out of range
54.0F.03 CPR sensor out of range
54.0F.02 CPR sensor out of range
54.0F.01 CPR sensor out of range
After having read the closed thread where a couple of similarities occurred, I am going to try the HVPS solution, what do you think ?

Post time: 2010-3-12 20:02:28 |Show all posts
Martin, this helped us immensely. We had a customer with what seemed to be a magenta cartridge problem. The pages would print a solid magenta background and take forever to calibrate. Then it would say replace magenta cartridge. We went through two magenta cartdidges and an ETB Assembly trying fix this. Finally I came across your post and noticed that our event logs were showing the same error. We ordered a HVPS (Part #RM1-2578-00CN) and installed it. After nervously powering it back up and watching the calibration take place...this time the usual 3 minutes or so, it went into Ready state and is printing perfectly and showing the magenta cartridge being 100% capacity. Thank you!

Post time: 2010-3-12 19:19:54 |Show all posts
Good information.

Post time: 2010-3-12 19:09:19 |Show all posts
I tried the DC Controller out of the good printer - no change. Then I tried the HVPS out of the good printer and the printer came to ready and prints perfectly.
I had a Color LaserJet 3000 for parts and even though HP uses RM1-2578 for the 3600/3800 and RM1-2631 for the 3000, they appear to be the same. I installed the HVPS from the 3000 and problem solved. Not sure how I damaged the HVPS or if I even did but I am relieved to have this printer repaired without being forced to replace this part at our expense.
I hope this helps someone later.

Post time: 2010-3-12 18:59:18 |Show all posts
I forgot, the cartridges from the good printer were HP (all 3 color) and Rhinotek (Black).
The printer I am working on has 2 HP (Cyan & Magenta) and 2 reloads (Black & Yellow).
Like I said before all 8 cartridges print perfectly in the good printer.

Post time: 2010-3-12 18:30:16 |Show all posts
Sorry, I took a couple of details for granted in my attempt to include everything.
I did replace the cartridge lock before I picked up the printer and brought it back to the shop. This was before I ordered the fuser.
I have an identical printer, that works fine, in the shop - I tried the toner cartridges from it in this printer - no change. I tried the cartridges from this printer in the other printer and they print perfectly.
I know I could start swapping parts between the two printers, but I didn't want to risk damaging parts from the good printer in the process. It looks like that's where I'm headed since David's post seems to confirm my mention of the DC Controller suggestion in other forums.
It looks like I need to be more confident in my trouble shooting skills since so few seem to encounter the problems that I post on the forum. I only use the forum when a problem reaches beyond my experience and other forums threads don't seem to offer a confident solution.

Post time: 2010-3-12 17:48:58 |Show all posts
First off you do not tell us if you replaced the cartridge locks and if the printer worked correctly after you did. The post above makes some sense since anytime I have seen where the toner cartridge leaves streaks of toner on the page the toner cartridge is bad although it could be something in the printer causing to go bad such as the dc controller issue with the laserjet 4600. That said that issue was the bin on the toner filling with excess toner due to extra toner purges. Are these toners hp or after market. Have seen a lot of this type of problem with office max toners.

Post time: 2010-3-12 17:46:34 |Show all posts
Why not try the simple solutions first -
change all 4 toners..!
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