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Clean ID sensor on a Ricoh Aficio 6513

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Post time: 2013-2-11 11:18:18 |Show all posts
I need to clean the ID sensor of a Aficio 6513 I need the procedure on how to disasemble step by step until I get to the sensor and how to clen it
--Ricoh Aficio CL2000N Laser Printer

Post time: 2013-2-11 15:57:59 |Show all posts
hi im jules_09,you can get the instructio from your technician theythis service manual that has it all from service code to repairs.its abit tricky cleaning it and also you migth sratch or damage the drum.ifyou ant i can direct you but be extra extra carefull.
1st open front door,then remove toner cartridge and move it to your right so you can full out the developer unit.
2nd  un srew the developer unit then carefully full it out.be carefull its a bit heavy
3rd see the drum unit it also have srews un srew it then full it out,donot let the drum be expose the drum from light office or sunlight.thrnplace it in a table beneath it is a news paper or a soft cloth,thereyouca see the drum procees unit you can clean it by using a smooth paintbrush then locate the id sensor its just a litttle component located atthe front end and left side while facing it,just clean it with thebrush or blow air to it not with a compressor just blow like blowing acandle 3times then re install the same process i repeat do not letthedrum be expose to light ok

Post time: 2013-2-11 14:33:03 |Show all posts
The following is taken from the service manual I hope it helps Thanks J
SC457 Position error for
the image
transfer belt’s
cleaning unit
- Timing & Condition
• When the belt cleaning
section touches the
image transfer belt, but
the belt cleaning sensor
signal remains LOW.
• When the belt cleaning
section releases from the
image transfer belt, but
the belt cleaning sensor
remains HIGH.
• Dirty Sensor
• Defective sensor
• Defective belt cleaning
shift clutch
• Defective drum
peripheral component
• Defective I/O control
• Defective main control
1. Pull out and re-insert the image transfer
belt unit.
2. Clean the image transfer belt cleaning
H.P. sensor.
3. Replace the sensor. (Input Check: 5-803-
4. Replace the belt cleaning shift clutch.
(Output Check: SP5-804-036)
5. Replace the drum peripheral component
6. Replace the I/O control board.
7. Replace the main control board.
[Signal Check]
• H.P.: CN219-B2 or TP108 on the I/O
control board

Post time: 2013-2-11 13:05:04 |Show all posts
Hello sir; the error code you display is toner senser problem, now the first thing you have to do is make a full color copy find out which color missing then pull out developer unit from missing color the senser right underneath, replace it.
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