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Canon i560 Orange Flashes ! 5 ! Times

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Post time: 2010-1-30 21:51:27 |Show all posts
Hi everybody,
my Canon i560 orange light flashes 5 times. Can't find anything on this anywhere.
Has anybody ever had the 5 times flashing problem?
Help highly appreciated!

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:51:02 |Show all posts
just got help on how to do this from a member. If you want to risk taking the print unit out yourself - which is probably supposed to be done by a technician...her's how it works... look at the back off the print unit, remove2 screws, one on each side, follow the power supply multi wires up from the back to the logic board and unplug. Carefully lift the entire print unit up pulling back and out of the base, now all you blotters will be exposed and available to change, if you need new blottters, you can purchase them from http://www.beckscrs.com/! Don't wash them they will lose their absorbancy!
so very glad to have found this forum, I just love this printer and it lasts forever!

Post time: 2010-1-31 05:10:09 |Show all posts
i HAVE READ all the threads about the waste ink tank. but nowhere on the internet can I find how to reach the blessed thing. I can see it under the carriage, but there is no screw, no bottom openin, no way to reach it. Does anyone know how to remove the carriage carefully to reach the waste ink and wash it out. thank you

Post time: 2010-1-31 04:17:14 |Show all posts
OK the more I play the deeper I get in trouble. Finally got printer to fire up without 5 yellow blinks but now my i560 printer thinks its a 560i camera so when I turn it on XP thinks it found new hardware and asks for program files. I did delete and reload the i560 program disk even though I knew it was a futile effort. Any help out there?

Post time: 2010-1-31 02:58:25 |Show all posts
ok well excuse me but the sponge you all turned over that runs under the carriage assembly with the print head, is not the blotters Canon was referring too! Those big blotters are located under the print engine mechanism itself. You need to open the unit, remove the print engine and then change all the blotters. Then rebuild the unit, put the unit into service mode and reset the waste ink counter. Those of you who have not done all that but have reset the waste ink counter, will eventually have ink all over your printer desk.
Authorized Canon Tech.

Post time: 2010-1-31 01:59:46 |Show all posts
I can't believe this is still relevant advice...except that I couldn't find a waste sponge, doing the reset fixed my 560 from incredibly weak printing...I was going to throw it out!

Post time: 2010-1-31 01:47:19 |Show all posts
Thanks to Stevedann for the reset sequence. Unfortunately that did not fix my i560, not initially anyway. There were a number of other threads on this site about clearing the Waste Ink tank full error, etc and I did all those. Finally I narrowed it down to the print head itself and thought I would get a replacement (~$49) and at least give it a try before I went out buy another printer. Just got the part today, pop it in. The orange flashes still came on, but this time, after the reset sequence, constant green--viola! Just like to share this with the group and also a big THANKYOU to all who spent their time posting their expert advices.

Post time: 2010-1-31 00:57:32 |Show all posts
just pull out the "holder" to the center

Post time: 2010-1-31 00:32:55 |Show all posts
Can't take out the head if it won't move to the center. How can I reach it some other way?

Post time: 2010-1-30 23:41:21 |Show all posts

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this advice as I had this problem with my i9950 and you have just fixed it!!! Was on the verge of tears as trying to get a big job out today too.
Thank u v much

Post time: 2010-1-30 23:00:28 |Show all posts
Thanks so much Stevedann. I had this problem.
The used ink tank (sponge) was full and canon said I had to take it to a repair agent to have the sponge replaced. They said I could replace the sponge myself, but then it would need to be specially reset by an engineer.......?60 charge.
I read the above thread, turned the sponge over, cleaned the heads with a cloth, reset the buttons and it works fine!
Saved us ?60. Great website!
Poor show by canon.

Post time: 2010-1-30 22:47:04 |Show all posts
5 flashes indicates a faulty printhead or possibly a problem with the p/head contacts. Try removing the head which is easier if you take the cartridges out first(no tools required) and re-seat it having checked the contacts for dirt.
If that doesn't work it may be that the waste ink tank is full. Try this ...
Canon S9000, S300, S400, i550, i560, i850, i860, i865, i9100, i9950, PIXMA iP3000 above,
1. Turn off printer
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
8. Your printer should respond as normal.

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