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Canon MP530 won't print black

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Post time: 2010-12-20 23:42:23 |Show all posts
My Cannon Pixma MP530 won't print black anymore. It prints colors fine. The 'Nozzle Check' shows no black grid pattern at all, while the 6 color bars below are fine. The large black ink cartridge has ink and it does flow when I blow lightly on the vent hole. I've cleaned and deep cleaned the head several times with no improvement. Finally, concluding that the print head was bad, I replaced the head with a brand new one. Still, no change! Can anyone suggest what I can to do to fix this problem? I like the printer and don't want to have to buy a new one.

Post time: 2011-8-20 21:36:23 |Show all posts
Thank you i have responded to the email.

Post time: 2011-8-6 14:40:16 |Show all posts
BNDAZ,... The repair manuals I provide also come with the Canon Service Manual, which provides a lot of information but does not go any farther than taking the unit apart. In fact it does not provide any information at all on how to remove the Purge unit. I have sent you an email and when you respond I will provide more information.

Post time: 2011-7-23 07:44:09 |Show all posts
an update, i tried to prime the head with a drop of ink, still no printing.
So i wonder if it could be something else than the purge tube?

Post time: 2011-7-9 00:48:02 |Show all posts
Im glad i found this thread, I as well have an MP530 that just stopped printing black. What is interesting is i actually have two of these machines exhibiting problems that may stem from the purge drain tubes.
Recently i was getting streaky printing in so much as part of the printed line was missing rather than smudging, upon inspection of print head there was an awful lot of excess ink "pooled" so to speak around the actual print head area where the ink comes out. I would rinse it in water, reinstall it and it would print fine for a \couple days.
Rinse repeat.
Yesterday the streaking started again, rinsed , reinstalled, no help, rinsed the head again, this time, the nozzle check printed nothing for the pgbk portion of the test, check ink levels all fine.
Changed the print head with the head form the other machine, same result no PGBK.
so i did a search for mp530 doesn't print black and came across this thread.
SO it seems that i may need to attempt to take the machine apart and check clean the purge tubes.
gbcs001 mentions that the canon service manual and trigger1937 does as well. I am curious id either can direct me to anything available online before i make a purchase.
Thank you

Post time: 2011-6-24 17:51:55 |Show all posts
I think You cannot print using only a black ink installed or full.
If you want black printing only the only way to do that is to use a mono laser.I have not said to buy it - but its the only way that printer will print!This is the best solution for you and There is no software that will emulate ink being present and if there was and you printed you'd be buying either a new print head or a new printer as you'd destroy your printer by printing without ink.

Post time: 2011-6-10 10:55:48 |Show all posts
Thank you for the quick reply. I am interesred in the challange of this dissasembly, but is the cost worth it. I worker for Xerox in the 70's & 80's trying to develope an inkjet printer but they conceded to the Japanese. It is amazing how sophisticated and complex they have become! Lead me on!
bill boy

Post time: 2011-5-27 03:59:41 |Show all posts
bill boy,... You bought the wrong Service Manual. The MP530 is NOTHING LIKE THE MP520 AT ALL. The MP520 is much closer to the MP510 but is just faster. It uses the same ink carts and all the same parts except the printhead. If you really want detailed information and instructions on how to repair your printer, just click on my USER ID and send me a note. I will respond.

Post time: 2011-5-12 21:03:34 |Show all posts
I have gone thru most of the 530 examples with my 520 to no avail.Are they essentialy the same mechanism? I bought the service manual from Bulgaria but it does not go beyond removing the covers. How do I go further with the disassembly? Would apreciate any input.
Thank you, Bill Boy

Post time: 2011-4-28 14:07:27 |Show all posts
The Canon MP530 service manual that I refer to above contains a step by step procedure with photos of how to disassemble the printer down to the print body. The procedure is complex and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the instructions. The manual is lacking in other ways, but in this way it's very good.

Post time: 2011-4-14 07:11:20 |Show all posts
gbot1970,... I think you are correct in what you have tested so far. I will send you and email and once yor respond I will be able to send you back some testing you can do to isolate your problem between the printhead and the purge unit. It is a rather simple test.
The post the gbcs001 made is correct, but what he bought is the Canon Service Manual, but I have never seen them at that price. That manual is for Service People who already know how to take a printer apart and fix it, so it is mostly to show them what is different from thier other training. It won't tell you one thing about how to fix any error condition in the machine other than basic reset. How do I know this,... I have every Canon Service Manual made since the first Canon Multifuntion printer. I also have created Repair Manuals for all of these printer. I will send you more details once you reply to my email.

Post time: 2011-3-31 00:15:13 |Show all posts
I bought a copy on E-bay for $2.95. Do a search for "MP530 maintenance manual Ebay" and you should find a source.

Post time: 2011-3-16 17:19:06 |Show all posts
I'm having the same problem- PGBK doesn't print but colors are A-OK. I've perused other threads here and done THOROUGH cleaning of the printhead as directed.. Noticed that the ink intake port screen for the large black cartridge has a few bumps/indentations in it, whereas the other smaller ones are smooth/flat. Don't know if this indicates any sort of damage?
Regardless, my problem is too similar to the others that I've read and gut is telling me I need to deal with the purge unit. However- I didn't want to tackle taking apart the unit without some instructions. Does someone have a link to or a reference for the service manual with photos I can follow? Seemed someone had one for sale at one point... Would be willing to purchase if necessary and reasonably priced.

Post time: 2011-3-2 10:22:59 |Show all posts
Unfortunately, to get to the purge unit, you have to disassemble the printer (Canon MP530). To do so for the first time, I'd strongly advise getting hold of the service manual. It shows each step of the disassembly process with photos. I bought mine for $3 on Ebay, but it can be found for free on the internet if you search for it.
Speaking from hindsight, make real sure that your printhead is clean before taking on the purge unit. I verified that mine was clean by putting several drops of PGBK ink into the head through the ink intake port (where the ink cartridge connects to the printhead.) Reinstall the printhead and do a nozzle check. If the printhead is clean, the ink will pass through the head and produce an unbroken grid pattern. To clean my printhead, I ran hot water from the tap at full blast into the printing side of the printhead for 5 minutes until all signs of ink coming out of the head ceased. The color inks flushed out quickly, but the pigmented black ink took some time.
When you've verified that the printhead is clean and find the black still doesn't print, carefully disassemble the printer (taking notes and photos,) and remove the print unit. The purge drain tubes are visible from the bottom side of the print unit, and can be cleared without removing the purge unit. Remove the 3" long black tube that drains the ink to the center of the printer. I used a small diameter drill bit to remove the dried ink from the end of the tube. You should also clean out the tiny orifice where the tube connects to the purge unit body. Short of removing, disassembling, and cleaning the entire purge unit, that's all you can do, or, you could replace the purge unit with a new one at a modest cost (~$32) , as I did. I also replaced the waste ink blotters and reset the waste ink counter. My printer works beautifully now. Good luck, I hope you succeed in fixing your printer.

Post time: 2011-2-16 03:26:52 |Show all posts

I am experiencing the exact same problem. I also added some alcohol to the black intake area on the print head (after removing it from the printer) but that didn't help. I was told to soak the print head in warm water by the people I bought the cartridges from. That didn't help. I'm convinced now the purge tubes must be clogged in a way that deep cleansing won't touch. However, I can't find a tech manual to tell me how to access the purge lines. Can I assume they are beneath (inside) the print head and can be accessed after removing the two visible screws on the base of the print head?

Post time: 2011-2-1 20:30:45 |Show all posts
Thank you, Trigger for that explanation. I came to realize that the purge unit was not working properly. After several test prints, the black suction pad was pooled with black ink while the colored ink pad was 'dry.' When I examined the printhead, there was a large amount of black ink clinging around the long, thin print nozzle. I concluded that this excess black ink was not being cleaned from the printhead properly and was somehow smudging the paper at the bottom of the printed side.
Taking the MP530 apart was much easier the second time as you indicated. This time I removed the purge unit which was held in by just two screws. I disconnected the long black tube and found another plug of dried ink in the plastic orifice where it connects to the body of the purge unit. A bit of alcohol on a Q-tip seemed to dissolve the dried ink, but I couldn't be sure. Neither was I sure that there wasn't another clog somewhere else in the device. I did not want to take the purge unit apart to clean it thoroughly. I was afraid I'd never get it back together again in working order. I was tempted to reassemble the printer with the second clog cleared and give it another try, but decided to sleep on it.
The next morning, convinced that the root cause of my problem was a faulty purge unit, I went on-line to find out the availability and price of a new purge unit, thinking that if the price was reasonable, I'd buy a new one. I found Beck's CRS in Glenview, IL. They had the purge unit for $32.50 + tax. To me that sounded very reasonable considering that one PGBK ink cartridge costs over $20 at OfficeMax. They also had the blotter kit with the clear mylar shield which, when installed properly, prevents ink from smudging the back of the printed page. It was priced at $14.99 + tax. Again, very reasonable. It's clear to me that the cost of repairing printers is not the cost of parts so much as the cost of labor. Knowing that my printer would have potentially years of life left if I could get it working again, I coughed up the $50 for a new purge unit and blotter kit.
I was a bit confused as to how to install the mylar shield. The purpose of the shield, the presence of a small rectangular shaped cutout in the shield, and two adhesive strips along the edges of the mylar strip were the clues I needed to properly install it. A call to Beck's confirmed my reasoning. The shield is fastened by the adhesive strips over the black print platten. The rectangular hole allows the center ink drain tube to pass through the shield. The kit also contained a short (1/4") piece of clear tubing and a connector. I can only guess that this tube is meant to be attached to the end of the black drain tube, maybe to provide a larger diameter opening at the end of the drain tube to prevent clogging??
Installing the new blotter was like solving a jigsaw puzzle. The blotter comes in several uniquely shaped pieces that have to be inserted in layers in the bottom panel of the printer in the proper order. There were no instructions with the kit, but the shape of the molded plastic bottom panel provides sufficient clues as to how the blotter should be assembled. The purge unit went in with no trouble at all. Note, the long black tube is not included with the new purge unit.
Having assembled the MP530 once before, doing it a second time went really fast. I had to be careful not to proceed so fast that I overlook a wire connection or two. Taking a few digital camera shots of the unit at strategic points in the disassembly is very useful when it comes time to reassemble the unit. Also, a magnetic tipped Philips screwdriver is a must.
I had seriously considered buying a new Canon MX870 printer when my MP530 went on the fritz. It can be had for just over $200 with a set of ink cartridges as an internet purchase. In the end, I spent $100 to refurbish my MP530 which is now working perfectly. But more than that, I learned a lot about my Canon printer, how to take better care of it and how to fix it when it goes bad.

Post time: 2011-1-18 13:34:38 |Show all posts
gbcs001,... Well so far you have done a great job. Most people would not attempt to take apart such a complex printer. However, now that you have done it once, you won't mind doing it again. You didn't finish the job when you had it all apart. You should have removed the main chassis from the base and cleaned all of the ink down their. Also, I don't really thing you got all of the ink out of the purge unit. You proved your head is OK and the logic card electronics are ok by putting a few drops of ink into the head, but I can't imagine that is going to last. The purpose of the purge unit is really not to purge anything, but to "Prime" then head with ink. If it can't do that it can not print. You added some ink and that may last a little while and it may have even closed the vacuum loop between the printhead and the ink carts. The normal process of printing creates a vacuum such that for every drop of ink that is ejected, another drop is "Sucked" via vacuum out of the ink cart and down into the head to replace that last drop. So you primed the head yourself. That was a great idea. However, if the purge unit was really working it would have done that job.
So now when that ink cart runs out of ink, or if the head gets clogged, or dirty, it will stop printing again,... and it won't start again because there is no suction from the purge unit to pull out the old dried up ink and replace it will new ink.
The smudge of ink on the paper comes from the large "Glob" of left over ink from where the center exit tube was dumping it into the waste ink pads in the bottom. This tube was getting clogged and eventually continually sprayed ink in all kinds of direction. Some of it continue to build up above that location and finally the glob got so big it touches the paper as it exits and drops off the last roller.
If you have a hard time believing this, just click on my USER ID and I will send you the email pictures of a MP530 that did the exact same thing. I've had to fix several of them clogged the same way.
The one tube you took off and cleaned out was not the only one clogged. There are several tubes and there is the insides of the purge vacuum pump.

Post time: 2011-1-4 06:38:31 |Show all posts
After talking to a Canon service tech, I threw caution to the wind and disassembled my MP530 all-in-one. He said that the pigmented ink drain hose from the purge unit might be plugged up. Getting to it was no picnic. It meant pulling the print unit. The Canon service manual was invaluable to performing the disassembly and reassembly. I found that, indeed, the tiny hose was plugged with dried ink at the end where the waste ink normally drips into the waste ink blotter. The plugged hose, I understand, prevents the proper purging of ink from the cartridge for preparing it for printing. After clearing the blockage and cleaning up the inside somewhat, I reassembled the printer and attempted to do a head clean and nozzle check. No dice! Colors bars were there, but no black grid pattern. Next I did a deep clean and another nozzle check. Still no black grid pattern. I refilled all the cartridges and performed two more deep cleanings with no success. Finally, I removed the printhead and put several drops of black ink onto the filter inlet where the pigmented black cartridge connects. The ink was readily absorbed into the printhead. I put the printhead and cartridges back into the printer, and without a cleaning, ran a nozzle check. Ureeka! I got a perfect nozzle check pattern. It seems that I had to prime the printhead to get ink to flow from the cartridge. I'm sure this is not normally necessary, so I'm not sure that my purge unit is working properly, but I've been printing many plain black document pages since.
There is a problem remaining, however. I get a smudge at the bottom center of every page if there is text printed there. It appears about an inch from the bottom of the page. The smudge is always the same in shape, size and location. The rest of the page is clean. If I turn abrasion prevention ON, the smudge goes away. Any suggestions as to what is causing this? I think I had this problem before the black ink print problem, so it's probably not related. I've checked the paper for curling, and, although the paper is labeled 'Heavy Weight', it doesn't seem to be particularly so. The smudging occurs when feeding paper from either feed tray.
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