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Canon IR3080I Insert drum cartridge message

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Post time: 2013-4-24 17:54:54 |Show all posts
I did read all the threads on this subject.  It looks like I need to upgrade DCON version to 61.01.  Does anyone have the latest sst and software version for this machine?  Thank you.  It is interesting I did not have a problem with this in my shop.  While in the shop I did install all new drum units and swapped out the ITB with one that has much less mileage on it.  Perhaps it was not cold enough or the humidity was higher then for this problem to surface.  I did not reset the meter for the ITB.  Would that make any difference? It is strange that I have a IR2880 in my shop with the ITB from the IR3080 in it and it has not displayed this problem.  It has DCON v 23.01.  I wonder if I should put the original black drum unit and ITB back into the IR3080?

Post time: 2013-4-25 07:18:19 |Show all posts

Your problem is most likely a firmware issue had a spate of this fault not so long ago, We upgraded the firmware on our fleet and problem solved.

Post time: 2013-4-25 05:26:26 |Show all posts
It's a leakage issue not a firmware issue. We have some all across the board in terms of versions and they all do it. Take the ITB apart and clean the snot out of it and that should take care of your issue.

Post time: 2013-4-25 04:01:20 |Show all posts
Thank you Rachid.  I am looking for current sst and system software.  I plan on trying that out first.

Post time: 2013-4-25 02:44:53 |Show all posts

Before the value of DRM-Life of the drum cartridge  reaches 100, the message 'Insert drum cartridge' is   wrongly displayed because of   Low temperature, low humidity environment (approx. less than 15 deg C/50%). You have not the same issue in your shop because  the environment is not the same. Upgrading the DC-CON to the latest version (61.01or more) is the solution to this issue.

Insérer le tambour.pdf (86.8 KB, 20 views)  

Post time: 2013-4-25 01:08:45 |Show all posts
Yeah, Sounds like a software upgrade can get rid of the check in the engine. Id do that first!       Here is another cause   Problem :
The imageRUNNER is displaying a message to "Insert Drum Cartridge" for black even after a new drum has been installed.

Solution :
    The problem could be related to a broken, loose, or missing drive drum coupling. In this case the drum drive coupling was dislodged from the black drum drive shaft. This prevented the drum from rotating and caused the machine to display that the drum was not installed.
Check the big one and the small one below it.     'Insert Black Drum' Message Does Not Clear    Problem :
    Replacing the black drum has no effect.     

Solution :
    In several cases replacing the ITB assembly corrected the message.
The part number for the ITB assembly is FM2-5522-030   

Post time: 2013-4-24 23:47:14 |Show all posts
Thank you Simons.  I am a independent and not at a Canon dealer.  I can painfully purchase a new ITB but hope the same problem does not reoccur with the older DCON version.

Post time: 2013-4-24 22:25:21 |Show all posts
Its a common problem.  All it is that the ITB gets some toner dust in it. Once you disturb it and replace the drums you get the message!     The solution is the blow out the itb or replace it with a new one.   Because you disturbed the old one and toner got loose you now have the message too.  The quickest easy solution is to spend the money for a new ITB.  Bad news I know.  Best not to be peeking at those drums unless you have to. There are KB articles about it or a tech pub.  Are you at an authorized dealer?      All of your other questions about if those matters is NO.  Problem is the ITB unit contacts in the back area esp. there are big electrical traces in the ITB. Once toner starts moving around in there it could be very hard to get it out and stop the interference.  The problem is not the drum.

Post time: 2013-4-24 21:09:32 |Show all posts
Thank you for the response northernlife.  Did you happen to notice if the machines in your shop that you put the old ITB in had the 61.01 DCON version or an older one?

Post time: 2013-4-24 19:39:07 |Show all posts
You can try ripping the ITB apart and cleaning all the transfer rollers, bushings and contact springs/plates.  I've had maybe 20% luck with doing that and the rest I had to change the ITB assembly. Funny this is I'll take that old ITB and put it into our shop machines and they work just fine.
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