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Can you scan something and then send it through email?

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Yes, when you scan it you can save it as one of various formats, like .bmp or .jpg files then attach it to the e-mail or (depending on your e-mail program) just paste it into the body of the e-mail.

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...Why wouldnt you be able to?
Just send it like a normal picture after you've scanned.

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That is what it's there for!

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Yes, save it as a jpeg file and attach is to your email.

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Of course Just save it as a JPEG image and email it as an attachment.

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yup, scan it into your computer and save it, and than when you go in to compose a message click on the attachments thing and save it in their....

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Yes. Scanned documents are generally saved as picture files. So you can send it through email exactly the same way as you would send any other picture.

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Scan it and it should automatically save.
Then open up your email, type a message if you want.
Then there should be a button/tab that says atttach. Click on that and find your scanned document or pic.
Then send your email as normal.
Hope this helped =)


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yep, you can send it as an image
if you have ocr software (optical character recognition), you can scan and it will recognise the letters and put it in a word document for you

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Yes you can. All you have to do is once you have scanned it save the picture to your computer and then in the email attach the picture as a attachment.

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of course...why not...............

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of course...

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Yes. Scan and save it as a picture and attach to email.

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Yes. Scan and add it as an attachment in the email.
Tell the person you are sending it to that you are sending it. People are very touchy about attachments if they don't know about them. It is unfortunately a popular scam to steal email addresses from someone, then send out bogus emails with an attachment to try and get that persons email list. These lists can bring big bucks if they get enough. Even worse they can do worse things to the PC's.
The only problem you might have is if the attachment is to large for your email. That is getting less and less of a problem. However, it does still exist. If you have that problem, try a different email site.

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You scan it and then you attach the file

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when u scan it save it 2 a folder on ur computer, then u can send it in an email!

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i assume you know the cat wont work, even if you could hold on to it while scanning. and your annoying little brother is too heavy, he will break the scanner.
but, yes, any paper that will fit can be emailed.
and guess what? you dont need to run to the copy store anymore. scan it, save it, print it.
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