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Can 40 or 50 year old photos safely be scanned?

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Yes. I've done it many times.

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Yes. More advanced scanners have auto-correcting features -- they can remove defects in the photo (creases, color correction)

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Of course they can. The little light inside a scanner isn't going to damage them. Hell, they scanned the dead sea scrolls, didn't they?

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Yup yup just make sure the scanner does do anything with the picture like flipping it and sending it through rollers and stuff like printers do but most scanners you just lay the picture in and scan and the picture just has a light run over it so if you got a scanner that just lets the picture sit still on the glass or whatever then your good
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Yep, no problems at all if you use a flat-bed scanner. Pass-through scanners can chew documents.
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